Vadodara Weather

Vadodara weather is dry in nature. The climate of Vadodara is hot between the months of March and July. The maximum temperature of the city during these months is 36°C or 97°F. The minimum temperature between the months of March and July is 23°C or 73°F. The maximum temperature in Vadodara from November to February is 30°C or 85°F.

The average minimum temperature during these months are 15°C or 59°F. The climate is marked by a dry weather between the months of November to February. Cold northerly winds in the month of January is responsible for a mild chill.

The climate in Vadodara becomes humid during the monsoon season. From mid-June to mid-September, the city experiences monsoon season. The average rainfall of Vadodara is recorded as 93 cm. Vadodara weather is also characterized by infrequent torrential rainfall that causes flood in the city. The heavy rainfall between June and September causes the river Vishwamitri, as well as the other rivers of Vadodara to flood. The maximum temperature of the city during monsoon is 46°C or 116.6°F. The lowest temperature during this season is 1°C or 41°F.

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