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Lord Buddha got enlightened in Bodhgaya and came to Sarnath where he preached his first sermon.

Later Ashoka the great visited the place and erected a stupa in honor of Lord Buddha. Many other stupas were erected subsequently and Sarnath came to be an important center of Buddhism.

Although much of its past glory is in ruins, Sarnath till date is one of the four principal Buddhist pilgrimage sites located in India. A travel to Sarnath would take you to an old world of stupas and viharas where ancient relics, manuscripts and inscriptions bear witness to a glorious past.

Spacious landscaped gardens today adorn the remnants of the Sarnath monuments, which together make for a pleasant locale.

How to Reach Sarnath

Sarnath draws its fame as one of the main Buddhist sites in India. After he was enlightened in Bodhgaya, Lord Buddha came to Sarnath and delivered the first sermon. Stupas, Viharas and museums in Sarnath are abiding lure to the Buddhists across the world.

The little sleepy town lies close to Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, which is one of the prime tourist destinations in India. So the best way to reach Sarnath is via Varanasi, which has an airport and a railway station with in the city.

By Air

The nearest airport to Sarnath is Varanasi, which is an important domestic airports in India. Nearly all public and private airlines operate regular flights to Varanasi connecting it to cities like: Delhi, Mumbai, Khajuraho. You may also approach Varanasi from Katmandu

By Train

The nearest Railhead for Sarnath is also Varanasi, which is one of the main Railway Stations in the region. A large number of important trains link Varanasi to the rest of India.

By Road

Sarnath lies only 10kms away from Varanasi by road. Varanasi as a major tourist destination and an important city in Uttar Pradesh is networked to a number of other important cities in India.

Shopping in Sarnath

With its host of Stupas, Viharas and museums Sarnath showcases a forgotten past of Buddhism.

A bustling settlement of yore, Sarnath today looks like a deserted village with the ruins of Stupas and Viharas. So there are not many options for shopping in Sarnath. But the nearest city is Varanasi (link to Travel to Varanasi page), which offers great shopping delight. In you were a passionate shopper and keen on shopping in Sarnath, opt for shopping in Varanasi.

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Last Updated on : 28/09/2013