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Kushinagar Tourism

A travel to Kushinagar would take you to the sacred land where Lord Buddha had left His corporeal self. The land of Kushinagar basks in the hallowed memory of Lord Buddha. The prophet had spent the last few days of his mundane life here.

Until 1861 when General A. Cunningham and A.C.I. Carlyl exposed the hidden wealth through excavations, Kushinagar was hidden into oblivion. Once they established its antiquity, several excavations carried out in between 1904 and 1912 reconfirmed its identity.

How to Reach Kushinagar

Kushinagar is one of the principal centres of Buddhist pilgrimage in India, where Lord Buddha left his corporeal self. Although the destination was forgotten until excavation revealed the ruins only in the second half of the 19th century. The site till date continues to draw a huge number of tourist countries.

Strategically located near Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh, Kushinagar has good transport network by air, road and rail. Here Travel.mapsofindia brings here complete information on how to reach Kushinagar:

By Air

The nearest airport from Kushinagar is Varanasi, several airlines operate regular flights to connect Varanasi to Delhi, Kolkata, Lucknow, and Patna.

By Rail

The nearest railway station from Kushinagar is Gorakhpur, which is an important railhead in Uttar Pradesh. Regular trains network Gorakhpur with major Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kochi. One can reach Gorakhpur and Kushinagar in turn, from any part of the country by rail.

By Road

A good network of roads connects Kushinagar to other parts of the state of Uttar Pradesh. Gorakhpur (51 km), Sravasti (254 km), and Sarnath (266 km) and Agra (680 km) are linked to Kushinagar by road.

Shopping in Kushinagar

Kushinagar is a famous Buddhist pilgrimage. But the small town ship does not offer great shopping of course. In fact hardly anybody goes for shopping in Kushinagar.

The nearest city is Gorakhpur. Mapsofindia rather suggests you to shop in Gorakhpur or in Varanasi instead of shopping in Kushinagar.

The state of Uttar Pradesh where the Kushinagar belongs to has a rich tradition of handicrafts. While shopping in Gorakhpur or Varanasi, you may come across usual assortment of specialty handicrafts of the region.

Ornately decorated terracotta horses are famous items in Gorakhpur, where as Varanasi is synonymous with exquisite silk saris.

Chikankari and embroidery are age-old traditions in Uttar Pradesh. Do pick up some Indian wear while shopping in Gorakhpur or Varanasi.

Both in Varanasi and Gorakhpur, you would find numerous shopping outlets, which substitute for the lack of opportunity for shopping in Kushinagar. Don't mind a little bit bargaining to get the reasonable price. Travel.mapsofindia offers online booking of hotels and tour packages to Kushinagar and all over India.

Places to Visit in Kushinagar

  • Nirvana Stupa
  • Nirvana Temple
  • Mathakuar Shrine
  • Ramabhar Stupa
  • Japanese Temple
  • Chinese Temple
  • Kushinagar Museum
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Last Updated on 12 September 2013