Cheap Flights to Vijayawada

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Vijayawada Airport Map
Traveling by air has now become a common man's affair with the commencement of lower priced air fares. With the low air fare traveling has now become more convinent, cheaper and most importantly quicker. Now without paying as high as it was earlier, a passenger can travel within or outside the country through airways. Earlier people just had fascination to travel by air but now it has become common man's activity. Even today there's this difference between the railway fares as compared to air fares. But these days' people are comfortable in spending a little high for the sake of their convenience. But comparatively there's a decrease in air fares as compared to earlier times.

There's a growing competition among the low fare airlines as to serve the best to it's customers at an affordable price. Companies cannot haphazardly raise its fare, looking at the growing competition; companies have to keep a check on its fare, though legacy carriers have not reduced their fares and passengers who were frequent fliers on full frill airlines remain loyal to them as well. As the new entering competition is low on fare, they also don't provide many luxuries and passengers are required to pay for additional services such as food, baggage check in etc.

With the passage of time, with an increase in the tourists, there's also an increase in the tourist destinations. With the growing convenience of traveling, people also travel to new destinations to explore more, one such destination is Vijayawada, formerly known as Bezawada. It is the third largest city in Andhra Pradesh and is also well connected by airways. It is the center of Andhra politics and known for its natural beauty as it is surrounded by hills. It is now-a-days a hot favorite among the tourists. In literal sense Vijayawada means city of victory.

Even if Vijayawada is a small city but it is well connected to the airways. There are a number of airlines than provide cheap and convenient flights to Vijayawada. Few of the low air fared airlines are:
  1. Delhi to Vijayawada

    • IndiGo-Rs.6333
    • Jet lite-Rs.6283
    • Spice jet-Rs.6283

  2. Mumbai to Vijayawada

    • Air India-Rs.4924
    • Spice jet-Rs.5334
    • Jet konnect-Rs.5334

  3. Chennai to Vijayawada

    • Jet konnect-Rs.4133
    • Spice jet-Rs.4222
    • Spice jet-Rs.5733

  4. Bengaluru to Vijayawada

    • IndiGo-Rs.3750
    • Spice jet-Rs.3750
    • Kingfisher-Rs.3818
Booking in advance will be beneficial for the travelers because advance booking may fetch more discounts from the actual fare, and secondly desirable flight may not be available at end moment. So it is advisable to book in advance for the sake of convenience.

Last Updated on 31 october 2011