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Vijayawada, India

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About Vijayawada

Located in the district of Krishna in Andhra Pradesh, Vijayawada is the biggest city in the district as well as the 3rd biggest city of this state of southern India. Even famously called Bezawada, the city derived its name from Vijaya or Kanaka Durga, who is the presiding deity.

The name of the city means "Land of Victory". Based on the eastern part of the hills of Indrakiladri, this city is bordered by the Budameru River and hills towards its north, low hill ranges towards its north west and south west and the Krishna River towards its east and west.

One needs to understand the city in order to know more about Vijayawada. Literary meaning "the place of victory", the most interesting thing about Vijayawada is its location. The River Krishna flows by it, and the delta of the river extends from Vijayawada to the Bay of Bengal in the east. The Indrakeeladri Hills border the city in the west, and in the north Vijayawada is bound by the Budameru stream. In order to understand the history and economy of the city, it is essential to know about Vijayawada geography. The topography of Vijayawada is marked by small and medium sized hills and plain lands in between them. The hills of Vijayawada are actually a continuation of the Eastern Ghat chains. The mighty Krishna River dominates the geography of the region and it is by virtue of the same river that the soil in Vijayawada is extensively fertile.

The most striking feature about Vijayawada climate is the extreme heat in the summer months. The temperature in the summer months changes from hot to hotter, rising up to 46 degree centigrade. The winter months are pleasant and the temperature is also mild. The south- west and north- east monsoons bring rain to the region and cyclones are also not unusual.

Historical knowledge about Vijayawada practically dates back to the pre-historic days and remains of the Stone Age have been found all along the banks of River Krishna. Vijayawada has been ruled by different dynasties from time to time, including the Chalukyas of Kalyan and the great ruler Krishna Deva Raya. The British period witnessed a steady growth in the basic infrastructure of the city which led to the expansion of the commercial base of the city.


In order to gather an all encompassing understanding about Vijayawada, it is essential to know in detail the geography of Vijayawada. Vijayawada is located at 16.52° North Latitude 80.62° East Longitude and the average elevation of the land of the city of Vijayawada is about 39 feet above the sea level.

Topography is the most prominent feature of Vijayawada Geography. The landscape of Vijayawada is marked by undulating small and medium sized hillocks with extensive plain lands between them. The Krishna River is a dominant part of the geography of Vijayawada and runs through the city. Although the hills in Vijayawada are a continuation of the Eastern Ghat chains, they, in general have a low elevation compared to the rest of the Ghats. The high fertility of the soil in the region is a result of the River Krishna flowing through it. More Details...


The history of Vijayawada can be traced back to the mythological times. The history of Vijayawada or Vijayavata, as it is termed in a few inscriptions, reveals the religious importance of the place. The remains of the pre-historic man and society of the Stone Age is found all along the River Krishna, which dominates the landscape of Vijayawada. More Details...


As per the report published post completion of Census 2011, following are some of the basic demographic details of this south Indian city:
  • Total population: 1, 048, 240
  • Male population: 5, 24, 918
  • Female population: 5, 23, 322
  • Sex ratio: 997 females per 1, 000 males
  • Total child population (Within the age group of 0 year to 6 years): 92, 848
  • Child population (Boys): 47, 582
  • Child population (Girls): 45, 266
  • Child sex ratio: 951 girls per 1, 000 boys
  • Total metropolitan or urban population: 1, 491, 202
  • Metropolitan male population: 7, 50, 770
  • Metropolitan female population: 7, 40, 432
  • Number of literates: 7, 89, 038
  • Number of male literates: 4, 11, 677
  • Number of female literates: 3, 77, 361
  • Rate of average literacy: 82.59 %
  • Rate of male literacy: 86.24 %
  • Rate of female literacy: 78.94 %
  • Official language: Telugu

Places to visit in Vijayawada

This city of south India has got many places to visit like beautiful island and hills, age old temples and mosques, well maintained park and museum and many more. Some of the famous tourist attractions in Vijayawada are as follows:
  • Bhavani Island: Geographically positioned amid the river Krishna, this is among the largest river islands. This island has got a few cottages, where one can stay and enjoy the fun and adventure sports. The place can be reached by boat.

  • Gandhi Hill: This hill is famous for being the location of the 1st Gandhi Memorial in the nation, which is featured with 7 stupas. Apart from the 52ft. high stupa, built at an altitude of approximately 500ft., this hill attracts people for the planetarium, the library as well as the "light and sound" show on the life of Mahatma Gandhi.

  • Gunadala Matha Shrine: Popularly called St. Mary's Church, this holy place has got Our Lady's statue, which dates back to the year 1925. This hillock church attracts people mostly during their annual festival called "Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes".

  • Hazarat Bal Mosque: This mosque in Vijayawada is known for housing Prophet Mohammed's holy relic that is displayed once in every year. During this time of the year, the mosque is being visited by several non-Muslims as well.

  • Kanaka Durga Temple: According to the historical documents, this renowned temple of Andhra Pradesh was built by Maharaja Poosapati Madhava Varma, who was one of the ancestors of the Kings of Vijayanagaram Poosapati.

  • Panakala Lakshmi Narasimha Swami Temple: This is one of the tallest temples in India, which is located in Mangalagiri. This nearby town is one of the famous centres of pilgrimage in the country.

  • Mogalarajapuram Caves: Believed to be excavated during the 5th Century A.D., this is among the ancient caves of south India. The statue of Lord Arthanareeswara, Lord Nataraja and Lord Vinayaka were carved there, though none of them are available there presently.

  • Namburu: This is a suburban area of the cities of Vijayawada and Guntur, this place is known for the spiritual centers like Hreenkar Theerth Jain Temple and Kaligardens

  • Prakasham Barrage: Built over the Krishna River, this barrage has become a place of tourist attraction for the panoramic lake created by it. Apart from that, the three canals running through this city creates a Venetian look.

  • Rajiv Gandhi Park: Maintained by the Municipal Corporation of Vijayawada, this park has got an impressive horticultural display near its entrance. The other attractions of this park are a musical fountain as well as a small zoo.

  • Victoria Museum: This museum has carefully preserved some of the ancient cutlery, idols, inscriptions, paintings, sculptures and weapons. More Details...


Tours from Vijayawada provide a splendid opportunity to the tourists to view the historically rich and architecturally excellent locations and edifices. The entire region of Vijayawada boasts of some or other exotic appeal which captures the imagination of the travelers.

While one can find a number of Buddhist pilgrimage centers in Vijayawada one can also see sacred temples in the place. There are ancient caves and scenic islands within the premises of Vijayawada, all of which are equally enticing. People who have an inclination towards adventure tourism can come to Vijayawada as the place is known for many excursion sites located across its length and breadth. More Details...



The well developed and organized facilities for health care in Vijayawada enables the indigenous local inhabitants of the city to lead a healthy lifestyle. The health conscious citizens of Vijayawada regularly visit the numerous clinics and dispensaries for a complete and thorough check up of their health.

Equipped with all the modern medical infrastructural amenities, the numerous health care centers cater to the medical needs of the ailing patients with utmost sincerity and dedication. The proliferation of several hospitals, nursing homes, dispensaries and clinics of the city has helped in the development of the industry of medical tourism in Vijayawada. More Details...

Transportation in Vijayawada

This city of Andhra Pradesh is quite well connected to the different neighboring and distant areas of the nation by road, rail and air ways. Some basic transport details of the place are given below:
  • By roadways: The 2 National Highways, N. H. - 5 (Chennai to Kolkata) and N. H. - 9 (Machilipatnam to Mumbai) pass through this city. Apart from the N. H. - 221, which connects the place to the Jagdalpur city of the state of Madhya Pradesh, other State Highways as well as the district roads help the city connect to its bordering areas. Air conditioned buses, express buses and ordinary buses are run by A. P. S. R. T. C. (Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation).

  • By railways: Vijayawada Junction on the network of the South Central Railways in India is the 2nd biggest rail junction in the country. Besides this busiest A - 1 railway station, the other stations serving the city are as follows:
    • Gunadala Railway Station
    • Kondapalli Railway Station
    • Krishna Canal Junction
    • Madhuranagar Railway Station
    • Nidamanuru Railway Station
    • Ramavarappadu Railway Station
    • Rayanapadu Railway Station
  • By airways: Vijayawada Airport has got flights operated by the following airlines:
    • Air India
    • Jet Airways
    • Kingfisher Airlines
    • Spicejet
Gannavaram Airport, which is around 20km away from the heart of the city, is a domestic airport connecting the place to some of the major cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mangalore, Mumbai and Vishakapatnam. More Details...

Vacations in Vijayawada

Vijayawada vacation offer the tourists a wonderful opportunity to explore and experience the natural splendor coupled with the architectural relics of the region at an affordable cost. Endowed with natural scenic beauty, Vijayawada attracts several tourists who are absolutely awed by the rich cultural heritage and traditional ancestry of the place.

Vijayawada boasts of several travel agencies that provide comprehensive and cohesive tour packages to the interested visitors. The tourists can easily avail any one of the numerous tour packages offered by the tour operators of Vijayawada for a visit to the architectural remains and picturesque landscape of Vijayawada. From the sightseeing of various interesting tourist spots of the city to the excellent arrangement of accommodation and dinning facilities, the tour operators take care of every minute details of the trip. More Details...

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