South Central Railway

One of the 16 zones of railway in India, the South Central Railway was inaugurated in the year 1966, on the second day of the month of October. The important divisions of Hubli and Vijayawada, which belonged to the Southern railways, were clubbed with the Solapur division and the Secunderabad division of the Central railway to create a new railway zone, the South Central Railway.

The headquarters of South Central Railway is in Secunderabad. However it is from Vijayawada, New Guntur, Nanded, Hyderabad, and Guntakal, that the main operations of the South Central Railways are performed. Vijayawada is a primary center of South Central Railway. Being the main connecting point between Northern and Southern India, Vijayawada station is the busiest station on the South Central Railway routes.

The South Central Railway tracks run from Goa in the Eastern side to Vizag in the West; and Khandwa in the north to Tirupathi in the South. Running through the major tourist centers like Goa, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, the South Central Railway connects many popular tourist spots of India.