Vijayawada - Kondapalli

Vijayawada - Kondapalli trip captivates the tourists with an ancient fort and the locally-made toys. Situated at a distance of 16 km from Vijayawada Kondapalli is a prime touristy spot of Andhra Pradesh. Once a training camp of the British Empire the Kondapalli fort is the exclusive attraction of the place.

The historic records of Andhra Pradesh in general and Vijayawada in particular reveals that during the reign of the British kingdom the fort of Kondapalli was counted as one of the important places. The men of the British Army used to get war training in this fort which possesses three stories. Situated on the top of a hill the fort is today visited by hundreds and thousands of travelers.

Among other attractions of Kondapalli tour the hand-made toys of the place are worth of mention. Poniki, a special type of light wood is used to make the toys which generally resemble the characters of ancient myths and epics. From vegetables and homes to fruits and animals all kinds of toys in various shapes and sizes are available in Kondapalli.

Since Vijayawada is only 16 km away from Kondapalli hence the tourists can reach the place within a very short time. Buses are the common medium of travel from Vijayawada to Kondapalli. While coming from Vijayawada people also visit the different enchanting locales of the city which is famous for its publishing and business centers. On way from Vijayawada to Kondapalli people can enjoy the scenic wonders too.

A trip to Kondapalli literally presents a scope to discover the majestic architectural achievements of the place.

Last Updated on: 9/05/2013