Jharkhand Government

Jharkhand government is formed of the legislative council comprised of members elected from the 81 assembly constituencies of the state. The executive council of the government in Jharkhand is responsible for looking after the various departments that are committed towards the governance of the state in its various aspects. The present government of Jharkhand is formed of a BJP led NDA coalition, formed after the eventful elections of 2005.

Formation of the Jharkhand Government

The center of the Jharkhand government is the 81 member strong legislative council of the state. It is presided over by the speaker of the house. The appointment of the speaker in the legislative council of Jharkhand has been subject to great controversy. However, presently C.P. Singh operates as the speaker of the house. The house is led by Arjun Munda, leader of the opposition is Shri Rajendra Prasand Singh.

The executive council in Jharkhand government is formed of 11 cabinet ministers. Together they share the responsibilities for about 50 key departments of the state's organization.

Political Profile of Jharkhand Government

The assembly elections were held in Jharkhand in 2005. The BJP led NDA coalition ended up with a marginal win over the UPA group. It was a mammoth electoral process that saw as many as nine national parties, four state parties and about forty regional and registered parties competing for the laurels. It was therefore no doubt that there were vigorous shifts and consolidations of alliances in the period following the three phase elections. The legislative council itself was an eclectic mix of parties. Troubles predictably kept shooting up in the aftermath of the formation of the Jharkhand government. However, the determination of the key members of the government kept the boat steady and the government at Jharkhand seems to be committed towards the betterment of the state's holistic profile.

Last Updated on : 15/07/2013