The Shillong Times

On 10th August, 1945, The Shillong Times appeared in Meghalaya in the form of a weekly. Since its genesis, The Shillong Times has been relentlessly working towards the cause of Meghalaya.

The Shillong Times in Meghalaya was released as a tabloid-sized weekly under the editorship of Mr. SB Chaudhuri. Later in 1991, The Shillong Times was taken over by Parsva Nath Chaudhuri. Mr. PN Chaudhuri worked as the editor of the The Shillong Times till 1978, when he died an untimely death on 1st April, 1978. After the death of its second editor, The Shillong Times of Meghalaya passed under Mr. Manas Chaudhuri, the youngest son of Mr. PN Chaudhuri.

Until 15th August 1991, The Shillong Times at Meghalaya followed old techniques of printing; but from this day onwards The Shillong Times switched over to computer typesetting. The change was adopted by the authorities of the newspaper, so that they could meet up the challenges of the changing world. With the introduction of IT in Meghalaya, the swapping of the mechanical devices became mandatory. The erstwhile market of Meghalaya demanded fast paced output and these automated machines provided greater pace, along with a better result.

It is noteworthy that on 15th August 1991, The Shillong Times emerged as a broadsheet daily. Further, on 9th November 1992 the newspaper launched its Garo Hills. Lately, the residents of the Garo Hills were exempted from the morning newspapers, but with the introduction of the Garo Edition of The Shillong Times, the problem of the readers of Tura was solved.

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