Meghalaya Information

Meghalaya is a major state in Northeast India. It is regarded as one of the Seven Sister States of India. Meghalaya information refers to all the useful information concerning the state of Meghalaya such as its government, people, population, climate, economy, history, weather, and the utility companies offering different types of public utility services to the people of the state. The state encompasses a total area of 22,429 km2 or 8,772.2 sq miles.

The Department of Information and Public Relations in Meghalaya has the responsibility of making the people of the state aware of the various facts related to the state. It also plays a key role in promoting the public welfare programs and development operations that are taking place in the state. The official website of the Department of Information and Public Relations (DIPR) lets you know about the basic facts, important telephone numbers, Members of the Legislative Assembly, Members of Parliament, the Governor and Chief Minister of Meghalaya. Other than this, the official website of the Government of Meghalaya also works as a helpful resource for visitors. This website offers information on the various districts, their administration, judiciary, industry, economy, and tourism.


Meghalaya capital is Shillong. It is situated at a height of 1496 meter above sea level. Shillong was originally Assam's capital from 1874 to January 1974. After the formation of Meghalaya state in India, Shillong became its capital. The city owes its name to its creator named Shulong, who is known for his democratic governance in Shillong, a princely state.

Some important places of the capital in Meghalaya are as follows:

Cherrapunjee: It is located in a rain-belt, at a distance of 56 kms from the capital and at a height of 1,300 meters above sea level. Some waterfalls like the famous Nohsngithiang falls flowing down the deep gorges are the major attraction of the place.

Shillong Peak: This important destination of the capital of Meghalaya is situated at a distance of 10 kms from the Shillong city at a height of 1965 meters above sea level. It represents the highest point of Meghalaya. A splendid view of the countryside makes this place a popular picnic spot .

Sohpetbneng Peak: It is located at a distance of 20 kms from Shillong and is 1,343 meter high. The Hynniewtrep people consider it sacred.

The railhead and airport closest to Meghalaya capital are located at Guwahati in Assam. The two cities of Shillong and Guwahati are linked by the Guwahati-Shilong Road. This road is bordered on both the sides by pine trees and pineapple plantations. Buses are available at a gap of half an hour between the cities of Shillong and Guwahati. Taxis are an affordable means of transport.


Barapani, nestled in the hilly tracts of Meghalaya, has a long legend behind its name. The legend suggests that two sisters from heaven, once decided to come down to earth. Therefore, one day both the sisters made their way to Meghalaya. But, unfortunately, both of them could not reach the earth together: only one of the sisters could reach Meghalaya. Therefore, the sister who reached the destination cried her heart out for the loss of dear sister.

In fact, the Umiam Lake in Barapani of Meghalaya is said to have been formed from the tears of the lonely sister: the literal meaning of Barapani is 'Vast Lake'. Legends apart, Barapani in Meghalaya is one of the most picturesque spots of Meghalaya. Many tourists from across the world come to Meghalaya allured by the scintillating mountains and the shimmering lakes. Furthermore, Meghalaya Barapani seems to be a heavenly abode. The high mountains, the rich valleys, yielding plains, etc. seems to provide the city with a serenity, which is rarely to be found. The fluffy clouds, enchanting hills, winding roads, the broad country side - indeed makes Barapani a celestial bliss.

In this context, it can be said that Barapani at Meghalaya forms the perfect landscape for an exotic tour. The ethereal landscape of Barapani is said to be an angler's paradise. The lakes and rivers in Barapani seems to be the most happening spot in Barapani. The lakes in Barapani also seems to a major attraction due to the fact that tourists can enjoy boating. Therefore, enthusiasts flock together in the lakes to enjoy boating with the help of motorboats, water scooters and sail boats.

Pin Codes

Meghalaya State Pin Codes are the six digit Postal Index Numbers that are added up after the address of a particular place. The first digit of the State Pin Codes represent the region while the first two digits together represent the sub region. The first three digit of the State Pin Codes of Meghalaya indicate the sorting district of the mails and parcels while the last three digits indicate the post office where the mails are to be delivered.

Meghalaya has several districts with various area sunder them. All the areas of Meghalaya have different State Pin Codes. The State Pin Codes in Meghalaya have been listed below :

Areas Pin Codes of Meghalaya
Shillong 793001
Barrabazar 793002
Assam Rifles 793011
Bagmara 794102
Cheerabazar 793111
Fulbari 794104
Araimail 794101
Garobandha 794105
Happy Valley 793007
Jowai 793150
Laitumkhrah 793003
Mandipathar 794112
Nayabunglow 793105
Nongstoin 793119
Oakland 793001
Mawsynram 793113
Jaiaw 793002
Rilbong 793013
Simsanggiri 794111
Madan Ritting 793021
Bishnupur 793004
Hindumission Road 793002
Tura 794001
Upper Shillong 793005
Resubelpara 794108
Motinagar 793003
Governor's Camp 793025
Burnihat 793101
Cherrapunjee 793108
Dobasipara 794005
Laban 793004
Umpling 793006
Pynursla 793110
Nongpoh 793102
Tikrikilla 794109
Nonglyer 793009
Shella 793112
Mahendraganj 794106
Latikor Peak 793010
Phudmawri mawlai 793008
Union Christian College 793122
Nangalbibra 794107
Rongjeng 794110
Sumer 793104
Mawphlang 793121
Moirang 793120
Dawki 793109
Barengapara 794103
Banasree 793003
Barapani 793103
Mawpat 793012
Nongthymmai 793014
Meghalaya Sector 793001
Balat 793106


Meghalaya cities forms the main destinations in Meghalaya tourism. In fact, it is through a tour to these cities in Meghalaya that one can come across the inherent culture of Meghalaya.
  • Shillong - Shillong is the capital city of Meghalaya. The city, situated at about 1,520 meters, is the district headquarter of the East Garo Hills District. Moreover, Shillong, among the other cities in Meghalaya is also referred to as the 'Scotland of the East'. Shillong derives its name from the titular God of the region, 'Leishyllong'.

    In Shillong, we come across a number of spots which attracts tourists throughout the year. Some such destinations in Shillong are:

    Shillong Peak
    Ward's Lake
    Umiam Lake
    Sohpetbneng Peak
    Botanical Garden, etc.

  • Tura - Tura is the most picturesque city among the other cities of Meghalaya. In fact, the sunset view at the Tura Peak at about 1,400 meters seems to be the most happening tourist spots in Meghalaya. Besides, in Tura, like the other cities at Meghalaya, we come across destinations that deserve special mention in Meghalaya tourism. Among such destinations are:

    Naphak Lake
    Siju Caves
    Williamnagar, etc.

  • Important cities in Meghalaya are:



    The Meghalaya districts include East Garo Hills, West Garo Hills, West Khasi Hills, Jaintia Hills, East Khasi Hills, Ri-Bhoi and South Garo Hills. All of them are easily communicable from the rest of the state of Meghalaya. Some important information about them are given below:

    • East Garo Hills: It is one of the districts in Meghalaya surrounded on the east by the East Khasi Hills, on the west by the West Garo Hills, on the south by the South Garo Hills and on the north by the Assam state. The airport closest to this place is the Lokapriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport of Guwahati.

    • West Garo Hills: It stands in the western portion of Meghalaya. Being one of the major districts of Meghalaya, the buses run by Meghalaya Transport Corporation connect it with Tura and Shillong.

    • West Khasi Hills: It stands in the central portion of Meghalaya. The airport closest to the place is located at Guwahati, which is 124 kms away from Shillong.

    • Jaintia Hills: It stands at the eastern edge of Meghalaya. It is bordered by Bangladesh on the south, Assam on the east and north and the East Khasi Hills on the west. The headquarter of Jaintia Hills, Jowaiof, is linked with both Silchar and Shillong through the National Highway 44.

    • East Khasi Hills: It stands in the central region of Meghalaya. Shilong is connected with Silchar (240 kms) and Guwahati (103 kms) via National Highway 44.

    • Ri-Bhoi: Nongpoh is the headquarter of Ri Bhoi, which is 50 kms away from Guwahati and 53 kms away from Shillong. Guwahati is linked with Nongpoh by roadways.

    • South Garo Hills: It is the newest of the districts at Meghalaya and is situated in its southern part. It is connected with Tura and Shillong by roadways.

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