Mawphor is known to be the first Khasi daily, which came into existence on 1st July, 1989. Mawphor, meaning 'monolith' or 'ritual stone', was the first newspaper in Meghalaya to understand the importance of public awareness.

On 1st July 1989, Mawphor of Meghalaya emerged in the socio-political scenario of Meghalaya, as a four page tabloid. The Mawphor at Meghalaya started with publishing only 1000 copies of the newspaper; but gradually, through the persistent endeavor of the editorial team, Mawphor took a bigger dimension.

Over a period of 14 years, Mawphor of Meghalaya increased its number from 1000 copies to 2 million issues. With a tremendous struggle, the press, that had started as a letter press, introduced electronic typing through a computerized printing technology. The motive behind the proliferation of its service was to make news available to each every individual in the state.

Before the introduction of Mawphor in Meghalaya, the vernacular and the English dailies, as well as weeklies, were unable to meet up to the standard of the common people. The newspapers could fulfill the expectations of the rural population: they were not getting the informations on time. Keeping these drawbacks in account, Meghalaya Mawphor emerged in the state.

Further, the motto of the newspaper is 'to serve and to inform'. Mawphor aims at giving adequate information to the common citizens of Meghalaya on various schemes and incidents. It lies at the heart of Mawphor to create public awareness.

Reaching every nook and corner of the state, Mawphor has really helped to enhance the public awareness in Meghalaya.

Last Updated on 11 March 2013