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For 26 years I have been doing what I want to. I know I have been lucky. I don't beat around the bush. Not too much into networking. Hate those who push connections over merit. Love traveling. Quality or Quantity still puzzle me at times. Haven't turned into anything other than being me, neither have an intent to. Prefer living in present or future, but a lifelong student of history. A father. A husband. A brother. A friend. A colleague. An Indian. A Sikh. A Punjabi And above all a Dilli-walah.

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We grew up hearing the name of Jiggs Kalra as India’s first celebrated gourmet who knew food as much or more than chefs in the finest of hotels he reviewed, tasted and advised. Off late, Kalra is not in circulation but his son has made a profession out of what was largely his father’s passion. Zorawar Kalra has made Massive Restaurants as one of most successful stand-alone restaurant chain in the country. I have been [...]

This has gone too far.

Kashmir has been on and off fire for far too long. Phrase “Kashmir is burning” is used more often than “Kashmir is beautiful”. Politics of all concerned has ruined generations and there can be no accounting of young lives lost in protesting or protecting Kashmir, India. To keep Kashmir boiling, over a last couple of years, a new profession has emerged. Yes, stone throwing on army and security forces is a profession in some parts [...]

Delhi Municipal Elections

Dark clouds ahead for Aam Aadmi Party? If media is to be believed, BJP is retaining its hold over all the three Municipal Corporations. They are likely to improve their presence in all the three and as per Exit Polls, it may be 10% or less which will be split between AAP & Congress and, that also in equal number. If these Exit Polls are believed then it will be fair to say that there [...]

Maps of India Awards 2016

Team Compare Infobase has been working on creating generic India-centric content for almost five years now. We created “My India”, a site within a site, and all of its content goes to a short URL, http://myindia.in. Project MyIndia is not related to maps directly, but it attempts to be a snapshot of the India that it is today and the India that is evolving on a daily basis. We try to connect all the articles [...]

Made-for-Trending Twitter Accounts Bane for Brand India

This article is being contributed as part of Shilpa Shrivastava Memorial Social Media and India project. Everyday is same on Twitter in India. An outsider, who sees Twitter trends for the city of Delhi, would conclude that here is a nation keen to wash its dirty linen in public. Is it really our objective? Definitely not, but then this is how outside world looks at India’s presence on Social Media. If I think hard, my [...]

Air Bags and some more air bags

If there is a place holder for Auto Expo 2016 that place holder is Hello Namaste by Ford India. It is as close to modern Indian spirit as any other elaborate place holder could’ve dreamed to be. It kind of lives with you long after you have moved away to other pavilions. The DNA is contemporary Indian, and that matters a whole lot with lot of people. Auto Expo has become an institution, people from [...]

PM Modi in Lahore, Pakistan

  This tweet from @narendramodi handle on Twitter turned Social Media upside down, this lazy Christmas afternoon. ” Narendra Modi Verified account ‏@narendramodi 8h8 hours ago Looking forward to meeting PM Nawaz Sharif in Lahore today afternoon, where I will drop by on my way back to Delhi.” BBC was the first to c judge magnitude of this news and started showing it in its homepage all over the world, rightly so. Last six hours [...]

Of People, Media and Indian Cricket

India is like a “People Tree”. When anything is happening, we all start climbing over each other to ensure that we have the vantage position to flaunt once the event is over. Nowhere does it work like an event for the sake of event, we just personalise it and allow our hardened positions to influence our decision-making. The flexibility is completely missing, rationalists are cursed and seen as vamps and villains. As an when rationalists [...]

India's Daughter

This one is actually for the Oscars. Rarely do we come across a film so complete and credible at the same point of time. This movie is not just about India’s daughter Nirbhaya or Jyoti Singh, as her parents named her. This movie is about an India, which is completely confused with itself. A nation, which is so deeply divided in the thoughts of its people that any search for a singular ethos would not [...]

Beyond Limits, Art Exhibition

Having disabilities for some is the end of the road, having disabilities for many is a challenge which is definitely not insurmountable.  Family of Disabled (FoD) works with both sets of people. With those who believe that their disability is the end of their lives, FoD ensures that it encourages and enables them to get out of their depression and skills them to be on their own and to those who believe that they have [...]