Pulwama Cries for Action

Pulwama Attack
Pulwama Attack

News is streaming in that in Jammu and Kashmir, two terrorists and a ‘hardcore’ terrorist associate were killed in an encounter with security forces in Pulwama district. This is something positive coming out of Pulwama where CRPF jawans came under attack in a terrorists plot to hit the security forces. This development also makes us bearers of truth that the wheel of justice id slow to turn.

Let us have a look at what had happened in Pulwama.

Why did Pulwama happen? Where is our intelligence? Where is our counter-intelligence? We always talk about our people in Pakistan’s administration and defence forces, where were they? Busy watching Uri or Raazi and congratulating themselves?

Due to the Pulwama attack, we were once again exposed as a nation. Our children and the world saw us as a banana republic and a sleeping duck where a Pulwama scale attack could happen on our security forces. Sad and unacceptable.

A lot of tweets and posts are saying Uri and Pulwama are like Apple and Orange, they are not comparable, why? Why are they not comparable? Are Apples and Oranges not classified as fruits? Uri and Pulwama are fruits of our negligence and fruits of our focus on publicity over ground reality.

When Uri happened as a nation we got a movie on what we did after Uri, it made loads of money for its producers, yes for its producers. Pulwama happened and nobody is talking about why we didn’t learn from Uri. In my opinion, why Uri happened was more important than what we did after it. Why Pulwama happened is way more important than what we will do now.

A few options for our government

Here are a few options our Government should have done post the attack and there is no rocket science out here, these options were visible to each citizen of this “great” country.

  • Declared national mourning and let the President and Prime Minister participate in it.
  • Recalled our High Commissioner to Islamabad and downgrade mission a few notches lower.
  • Stopped all border trade. Yes, MFN status has been withdrawn but that should be just the beginning.
  • Gave a list of accused by name and geo-coordinates to Pakistan, in an open letter. Tell them to handover murderers and their masterminds and their fathers, founding fathers and surrogate fathers.
  • Organised protests at all Indian schools within India and abroad and let India’s businesses and institutions everywhere in the world fly National Flag at half-mast and a black flag alongside.
  • Revoked Indus Water Treaty and all other treaties. We shouldn’t feed our enemy.
  • Conducted an exercise in the Arabian Sea with UAE, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Maldives and Bangladesh as close to Karachi as international waters permit.
  • Used good offices with Saudi Arabia and the US to stop the financial bailout of Pakistan.
  • I had also suggested that we should not be selective in “constitution taking a back seat”, and suspend Article 370. I am glad to see the government has achieved it.
  • We should have let our guns roar nonstop at LOC for weeks together. Let Pakistan hear earsplitting blasts not just in and around LOC but make sure glass-ceilings and glass-panes shatter all the way in twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

I know my opinion and suggestions may be considered overboard but ask those families who lose their loved ones in the service of the nation like this.

Background: Over 2,000 CRPF Soldiers/Personnel were returning back from their leaves. Their convoy of over 70 vehicles was attacked by terrorists. Most damages were inflicted by a suicide bomber who rammed his SUV with over 300 KG of explosives, including more than 50 KG of RDX. The exact number of causalities is not known to this writer, however, the figures indicate above 40 soldiers/personnel/policemen have been martyred.

pulwama terror attack map