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rail accidents in india

Indian Railways, the fourth largest railway network in the world, has for long been haunted by poor infrastructure which has led to many rail accidents over the years. The latest is the Kalinga Utkal Express derailment which led to the death of more than 20 people. Apart from this, around 92 people were injured when 14 coaches of the train derailed in Uttar Pradesh’s Muzaffarnagar district on the evening of August 19, 2017. The train [...]

Toilets for the Transgender Community

It is tough being a transgender. They continue to face discrimination and problems in the areas of education, employment, medical services etc. Basic access to toilets is among the many problems being faced by the transgender community in the country. Transgenders often find it difficult to enter a public toilet and are often barred from using them. However, in April 2017 the community got a relief with the center issuing a directive permitting transgenders to [...]

career in badminton

Even though cricket remains the most popular sport in India, other games have also begun to make their mark. Among these badminton has gained a lot of fan following in the country. Ranked among the top five most popular sports in India, badminton is a highly entertaining and energetic sport. Over the years, a number of badminton players have gone on to achieve global recognition and have made the nation proud by winning a number [...]

new metro policy

The Metro has turned out to be one of the most efficient and effective public transport. In many cities where it is operational, the service has become quite popular attracting high ridership. Now, in a major expansion drive, the Central Government has approved a new metro rail policy. The policy, which was given a go ahead by the Union Cabinet chaired by PM Narendra Modi, is aimed at expanding as well as regulating the metro [...]


Article 35A of the Constitution, which has been in force since 1954, relates to the rights and privileges of the people of Jammu and Kashmir. It is a part of Article 370, which grants the state of Jammu and Kashmir special autonomous status. However, the existence of Article 35A may probably be under threat with an NGO challenging the article in the Supreme Court. Let us take a look at what Article 35A is all [...]

Independence special desh bhakti songs

Independence Day is just around the corner and patriotism is running high. But what further augments the patriotic fervor are the songs that eloquently portray the love for the nation. These songs that are a part of Bollywood movies or have been sung for some special occasion depict various aspects such as the freedom struggle, the heroes of the wars that India fought with Pakistan and China, India’s achievements in the sporting events etc. These [...]

Selfie Mania Imapact

Selfie is the latest fad among people, especially the younger generation. Whether you are at the railway station, restaurant, in the park or any other scenic or not so scenic place, you would come across youngsters clicking pictures of themselves, which are more commonly known as selfies. Though these selfies are good for a person’s Facebook post, but there have been several instances where selfie-obsessed youngsters have severely injured themselves or even met their death [...]

funcity chandigarh

Spending the weekend at Funcity with family or friends after a hectic work week is a splendid way to unwind and rejuvenate your energy. Situated near Chandigarh and spread over an area of 43 acres, Funcity is popular amusement park drawing visitors from all parts of India. Funcity, which is a spectacular combination of all the three – resort, amusement park, and water park – offers tourists a number of attractions and is popular among [...]

Mobile Ticketing System App 'OnGo'

Every day approximately more than 300,000 people in Mumbai commute by the Metro, while 15,000 smart cards are bought daily. The Mumbai Metro, which began operation in 2014, has today become highly popular as it is a convenient medium of transport. However, the increasing daily ridership has led to long ques of commuters at the counters who buy tickets or recharge their smart cards. But all that is set to change as the Mumbai Metro [...]

mobile obsession in india

Are Indians really obsessed with the mobile phone? The answer is a resounding yes, if one goes through Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers’ Internet Trends Report 2017. The report states that the dominance of the mobile phone in India is growing by leaps and bounds. India is just behind China in the use of the Internet. As of June 2016, there were 355 million internet users in India and 277 million broadband users as of March [...]