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Demand of MBA graduates

The concern over job prospects of MBA graduates in India is hardly new. Mushrooming of MBA institutes in every nook and corner of India, the euphoria surrounding distance-learning education, and no guarantee of campus recruitment in most middle and low-tier B-schools are fast taking the sheen away from the valued degree. Adding to the worry is the 2014 Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC) survey report. It indicates that applications to MBA schools in the Asia-Pacific [...]

Book clubs in schools

It is often said that books are a person’s best friend. The art of reading helps an individual travel across borders, reach uncharted territories and widen one’s horizons. Inculcating reading habit is rewarding, if started at an early age. What can be a better idea than to start book clubs for children in schools? It will not only help the kids to develop their imagination and creativity but also improve their literary skills. Reading is [...]

Free PG education in Bihar

India is a land of diverse culture and traditions. The nation has also seen the caste system from 1500 BC to 1952 AD, till it was abolished in the Constitution of India. People belonging to the lower castes faced discrimination, and lack of education rendered them weak. The Government of India recognised the importance of development of these weaker sections of the society, and the need for affirmative action like providing them quality education and [...]

Winters are a time when you just want your world to pause and getting to school, college or work is not a priority, as you snuggle underneath your blanket and shut off the alarm on your clock. If wishes were horses, this would have been a reality. Waking up in the morning is sometimes the toughest thing to do during winters. You want to wake up happy and start your day on a good note, [...]

B Schools in India

In the last five years, the number of business  schools or B-schools in India has almost tripled. There are around 4,500 B-schools in India today and collectively there are more than 3,60,000 MBA seats. There has also been an increasing trend of B-schools having foreign collaboration. In fact, the education sector has reached a stage where anyone aspiring to get an MBA/PGDM degree can now get admission easily in one or other B-school somewhere in [...]

Recently I came across a news article on how in India, Hindu students are joining the madrasa schools. Going by the fact that the madrasa schools are specially meant for the Muslims, how come the Hindus are joining these schools? According to a survey done, there were many reasons for Hindus joining the madrasas. Some said that it was the love for the language Urdu, some said that these are like any other good regular schools, [...]

Are students safe in school?

We send our children to the school to get educated, and till a few decades ago, we did not have to dwell too much on the safety of our children in the schools; we took it for granted, for the school was always synonymous with the word ‘safe’. Unfortunately, it is no longer the case. In 1995, in Mandi Dabwali, many school children perished in a fire at a prize distribution ceremony In 2001, 971 [...]

Digital Invasion - Goodbye to Books

In the month of November, India celebrated Children’s Day. It can be said that children are the future of any country; they constitute the resource which will enable a nation to achieve great heights. All this said and done, it is extremely important for these children to be brought up in a manner which will enable them to be ideal citizens of the country. Unfortunately, today most parents do not have any time for their [...]

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) plays a very vital and significant role across the whole world in every aspect of human activity. This emerging technology not only has a key role in education and training but has also enhanced scope for sharing knowledge all over the globe. Information and Communication Technology has given education a whole new meaning as this evolving technology has already challenged stereotyped and conventional way of educational system. As knowledge is [...]