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Literature lives here and is celebrated here. Yes, that is the introduction for the Jaipur Literature Festival. It is important to note that it is a festival and not a symposium, a conference or a seminar. Be prepared to enjoy literature the way most other Indian festivals are enjoyed, with fun, food and music. Yes, that makes it a great combo and precisely the reason this festival has grown to be one of the most [...]

Mobile phones, internet, tablets, iPads, their applications, social media even traveling, cooking, communication etc are part of our lives from the start till the end of the day. Technology is touching every aspect of society and changing it dramatically. But there is one very important and indispensible part of the society that has also been tapped by new innovations and discoveries and that is education. Like all other areas, in this case also urban areas [...]

The base of any nation that is willing to be a superpower in every sense of the term always needs to be commendably strong so that it is able to realize that ambition. One of the several ways in which this can be achieved is through education for one and all. India, as a nation, has taken some steps in that regard with the institution of steps such as compulsory free education for each child [...]

India records the highest cases of inconsistencies in the background of the job – seekers: The Background Discrepancy Survey by First Advantage has given India the notorious label of being the centriole of the highest number of cases of employment related inconsistencies. The survey had been carried out globally, and the data had been collected from the employment log of various industries. While an alarming rate of 50% of male job aspirants forging their previous [...]

At a cursory glance there are plenty of things that could be said to be wrong with the education system in India. To start with education in India does not cover each and every child in the country. Then there is the ever increasing gap between the government owned institutions and the private ones as far as factors like quality and facilities are concerned. However, there is one issue that has always escaped the notice [...]

Each time we hear of a relative, a friend, a neighbour or an acquaintance having acquired a conventionally heavyweight degree from an IIT, IIM or equivalent – we are invariably either overjoyed or jealous or absorb the news as an aspiration! The same sentiments connect us with students who hold ranks and whose names are found sneering down on us from school and university notice boards. Parents present targets for marks, ranks and percentages year [...]

When the Right to Education Act was first passed in 2009, its critics were skeptical about what possible ends it could achieve. While RTE is undoubtedly not a miracle that will simply dissolve the challenges of rendering education to the disadvantaged children, it has a part to play. By insisting that all schools have certain basic facilities, the RTE restored a certain dignity in the schooling system of the disadvantaged. The deadline of revoking the [...]

October 17, 2013

The guitar is said to be one of the easiest instruments to learn as far as time taken to learn is concerned. It takes around 2-3 months of consistent practice to get the basics right, and after that practitioners are able to compose simple songs on their own. But perhaps, that is not the end aim for most people who pick up this instrument. What most of the practitioners want is to be able to [...]

Background: India ranks amongst one of the largest countries in the world with the highest illiteracy level. Definitely it’s a source of incredible shame for the third largest economy of Asia. Repeated efforts on the part of the Government, since the post independence period, to uplift the literacy level in our country have been only partially successful or entirely futile. The gender discrimination in our country is also a major factor contributing to the high [...]

National Science Center, New Delhi

Location: Bhairon Road, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi How many of us have been science lovers in our academic lives? Not too many for sure. Science has always been a subject of highest notions that can only suit the intelligent minds. But there is one place that can make anyone fall in love with this complex subject. It is the National Science Center in New Delhi. The National Science Center is a science museum set up [...]