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Importance of Education

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, knowledge means facts, information and skills acquired through experience or education. Knowledge constitutes the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject. Mankind, the descendants of the ape family, is different from all other animals only because of knowledge and its application. And knowledge can be gained only through education. It goes without saying that education is essential for creating equality and eliminating barriers and discrimination on the basis of race, gender and economic status. A [...]

Courses and Competitive Exams After 10th Class

After Class 10, students are often caught in a dilemma about which course or stream to choose for further studies. The course that a student goes for should be based entirely on what their aptitude, likes, dislikes and interests are. There are certain courses for which students have to take entrance exams while for some others, they can get direct admission on the basis of their Class 10 results. The most common streams that students opt for after Class 10 are: Humanities/Arts: The arts or [...]

Competitive Exams After Class 12

After passing out from class 12, students have to decide on their further course of study on the basis of their aptitude and interest. Of course, the most common choice is graduation in science, humanities or commerce from any of the various colleges and universities of India. But there are many national level competitive exams that students can appear for to achieve a better career prospect. For students completing class 12 in science, there are pre-medical tests and engineering [...]


India’s higher education system is recognised as the second largest in the world today. There are more than 550 universities and almost 16,000 additional colleges offering graduation courses in various subjects and academic disciplines. Getting a graduation degree is part of a student’s basic education. It forms a strong base for deciding the future course of studies and future career prospects. There are many competitive exams that are conducted in India, either to get admission [...]

Professional Courses After Mechanical Engineering

One of the oldest and popular disciplines of engineering is Mechanical Engineering. It encompasses a whole range of subjects like Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Thermal Engineering, Designing, Power Plant Engineering, HVAC, Metrology and Quality Control, Production Engineering, Maintenance Engineering and Manufacturing Engineering. It finally opens up job prospects in design, production, manufacturing and maintenance. It is entirely your choice to select the best field as per your interest and ability. After a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering, students [...]

job oriented courses after B.A.

There is no doubt about the fact it is getting tougher and tougher to get jobs nowadays. A mere graduation degree is not enough when the entire world is moving towards professional courses to get a relevant job. When you take up Arts or Humanities during your gradation, the job prospects are seen in academics, media, fashion, tourism, lifestyle, hospitality, government and private sectors. It is always advisable to study further to get a post [...]

Education Loan in India

Quality education is the building block to create a successful life for a student. However, with increasing college fees every year, it becomes difficult for a student to have a quality education. Education in India, especially in premier educational institutions, is quite expensive. And in many cases, even if a student is qualified to get admission purely on merit, it becomes difficult to study in such institutions due to financial constraint. Cost of education in [...]

Job Oriented Courses after B. Sc. (Science)

Youngsters are well aware of the fact that nowadays a mere graduation degree is not enough, especially when they come to know about the fiercely competitive job market. To gain a competitive edge, one should pursue additional courses: job-oriented diploma courses or any other professional course. For a science graduate, it seems that the scope is limited, as most are of the opinion that after passing 10+2 with Science, engineering or medical are the best [...]


A mere graduation degree in Commerce is not enough. You need to further specialise and complete your post-graduation or opt for professional courses to get a decent job. There are lucrative professions in various industries such as banking and finance, stock markets, insurance, capital markets, financial planning, equity research, accounting, etc.. However, the problem is in choosing the best job-oriented course when so many courses are available in Commerce stream. Here, we give below the [...]

Know Your College Portal

There’s no denial of the fact that the Modi government comes up with ideas that can work for India. One such idea is the ‘Know Your College’ portal. Apparently, it is just a kind of a directory which will act as a one-stop shop for students and their parents across the country. However, there’s more to it. When the HRD Ministry had launched the portal in November 2014, it had stated that the website would [...]