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service-tax-in-restaurant-optional (1)

The Department of Consumer Affairs on Monday, January 2, 2017, issued a directive to states to instruct all hotels and restaurants to make payment of service charge ‘optional’ for customers. It also directed restaurant and hotel owners to prominently display the message within the premises. In a rather brazen rejoinder, the National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI) issued a statement saying that customers were free “not to eat” in a restaurant that levied a service [...]

best winter cocktail recipes 2016

Winter is perhaps the best season in India because of all the charm associated with it. It is because of the wonderful weather in this season that we can indulge in our culinary fantasies to our heart’s content, and some intoxicating drinks. Also, is there anything better than shaking off the wintery chill with some good booze! If you love raising a toast with your friends and family, here is what to drink when the [...]

Best cities for street food in India

We, as a nation, have mastered the art of gastronomy. We can’t think or act well if we don’t eat well. And foodies have only one definition of The Hunger Games. Street food is basically entrée eaten outdoors. In these times of fast food and slow digestion, nearly all our activities revolve around food. India is undoubtedly a heaven for people who love and live for food. Hot and spicy street food is like a [...]

India Ranked 97th of 118 in Global Hunger Index

We, as a nation, have got so used to patting ourselves on the back for every parameter of human development that we have actually started believing that we are the next big story of the world. That is, until someone from the outside holds a mirror to us, as has been done by the 2016 Global Hunger Index (GHI) Report, recently released by International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), an international organization that has been [...]

Amazing Health Benefits of Jamun Fruit

Black Plum, commonly known as ‘Jamun’ fruit, looks small but can do wonders. Many of us are unaware about the benefits of Jamun. It is available during the months of June through August, and it belongs to the Myrtaceae family. The fruit is purple in colour and has a distinct bitter-sweet taste. Here are some amazing health benefits and uses of the important summer fruit Black Plum: - It is extremely beneficial for persons suffering [...]

February 7, 2016
The advantages of eating jaggery

  Jaggery is a product of sugarcane with 50% sucrose, 20% invert sugars, and 20% moisture. Known as Gur in most of the languages in India, jaggery is one of the most popular sweeteners in India. Although sugar and jaggery are obtained from the same source of sugarcane, they vary in their properties as well as benefits.  The first stage of boiling the sugarcane juice remains the same for both the products. However, unlike sugar [...]

Till late in the afternoon, I had no inkling that I would be sitting at The Groghead in the evening and sipping my poison. That’s the fun of chalking out a plan at the last moment. As I walked into this few-months-old bistro, which claims to have been designed like an Australian pub, the staff encouraged me to sit on their terrace. I agreed in no time. The Ambience The terrace had an earthy feel [...]

How to use Leftover Food?

Leftovers being stashed in the refrigerator is a pretty common activity in any household. But what happens with these leftover food items is the question. Sometimes, it is used up the very next day and at times, it goes into the dustbin. Instead of throwing excess food away, you can use it to make something delicious. Presenting to you five easy-to-make recipes with leftover food. Phodnicha Bhaat This is a traditional Maharashtrian dish. All you [...]

January 24, 2016

Indians love eating and India is a gastronome’s delight. The sheer variety of food available from different zones and places remains unmatched anywhere in the world. What’s more, you can now get most of international cuisines right here in India! Yes, India is open to experimenting with all kinds of foods which include fine dining, fast food and food cooked at home. It’s only in India that one gets the craving for food in combinations [...]

January 19, 2016
Baking It Out

If cooking is an art, then it can be safely said that baking is a science which creates masterpieces. Baking involves a keen understanding of proportions without which the masterpiece may end up in a flop show. The internet is full of recipes of the most lavish cakes. But understand that the ones who have baked these cakes are professionals and in most cases, with training and experience. So before you set out to bake [...]