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Who were Dravidians in India?


March 15, 2013

Some people claim that the Dravadians originally inhabited the Northern part of India and were later pushed to the southern part of the country by the Aryans. Hence about 28% of Indians are Dravidians and reside in South India with one of the Dravadian languages as their main language, which includes, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada and Tulu. The Dravidian language has three subgroups, namely North Dravidian, Central Dravidian and South Dravidian. In present day India, the states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu are the significant regions with a Dravidian population, the rest 72% are Aryans, residing in North India.The  difference in the origin of these languages is the reason of the different South and North Indian accents. We know very little about the Dravidian people in India, who used to reside in the country before the Aryans invaded Northern India from Iran and Southern Russia.

It is believed by some linguists that the Dravidian people were well spread all across the Indian sub continent and it is because of this that the Indus Valley civilization (Harappa and Mohenjo Daro) is also referred to as a Dravidian civilization, but whether the Indus Valley civilization is Dravidian or not is still controversial.

Dravidian people residing in present day Central India are tribal people known as Gond people, Kannadigaru Dravidians are from Karnataka, northern Kerala and southern Maharashtra, and northwest Tamil Nadu, Kondha Dravidians are from eastern Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Orissa, Kodavas Dravidian people from Karnataka and northern Kerala. Then there are Kurukh, Malayali, Tamil, Telugus and Tuluvas people who belong to Dravidians in India.

Dravidians were actually peace loving farmers and they were not trained in any kind of warfare. It is believed that when the Aryans invaded India, they pushed the Dravidians to the Southern part, as the Aryans were skilled fighters and came prepared with weapons and chariots. Also Dravidians, had a very sophisticated culture and used to worship all forms of life like herbs, and plants. With the coming of the Aryans, the concept of heaven and God came into existence which dramatically changed  society.

Not much is known about the Dravidians, so only archaeological and linguistic studies are the main source of information about them. Dravidian people have dark complexion, dark black hair and eyes and large foreheads. Because of structural similarities, it is also believed that Dravidians has an African origin. As per this anthropological and genetic data, these people migrated from Africa and reached South India via the southern route about 50,000 years ago. Because of rivers and fertile soil they stayed in India in large numbers, than other parts of world.

But there are many theories and studies that explain the origin of Dravidians, their link to Africa, Aryan invasion and Dravidian’s migration to South India. But all the theories state the fact that Dravidians were a very classy and skilled race of people.

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Comments (13) :
  1. why is it the orgin of human race is fixed to africa and that they are said to migrate to different places. could thay not have orginated at every place and their traits differ from place to place. further all the continents were said to be together and they disintegrated to form different continents. and in that process the human race could have satyed in the places. could it be so then there is no question of migration.

    • The oldest fossils of homo sapiens are found in Africa. Hence it is believed that man first originated there.

      All the continents were indeed joined once millions of years ago. Breaking up of continents started long before Jurassic period (Dynasaurs). During Jurassic period no big mammal survived, except may be rats, squrrels. Monkeys and then apes are believed to have evolved from them.

      Apes which evolved just a few milions years ago could not have reached all continents by sea. Hence it is believed that fully evolved ape travelled to other continents and acquired different characters.

      Secondly two different species living in two different continents cannot evolve into same species. Such evolutionary trends very rare.

    • Hi,
      The Aryan invasion theory is a fiction of imagination fed by western historians. I would advise the author to get her facts right. Yes, there are anthropological differences but trying to feed mis-information with further mis-information is not going to help this country. Latest scientific evidences point to Indian civilisation being far more ancient that the Indus civilization. So, please stop spreading mis-information.

    • Yes, this looks the closest to a real sensisble explanation rather than some weird theory explaining invasion..

  2. origin of man is a mystry and now of dravid,aryan and negroid and so on will lead us to nowhere .we must respect one and all to lead a peacefull life on earth or trying to be being superior will simply lead to criticism, since we have no evidence and some don’t believe to evidences

  3. sasank dhulipudi

    elugu is a form of sanskrit and prakrit languages….
    Prakrit language is a indo iranian and indo aryan using language…
    So telugu people belong aryans or dravidians? As there language depends?

  4. adi shankara an incarnation of lord.shiva travelled north and established 4 mathas.then near narmada deheated mandana misra also an incarnation of lord.brahma.and later made mandana misra as the head of sringeri mutt.which is also the school for yajurveda philosophy.

    similarly lord.ram an incarnation of lord.vishnu came down south in search of mother goddess.now tell me hasn’t both north and south been sanctified?

  5. saint.raghavendra theertha was born in kumbakonam.madhwacharya an incarnation of bhima was born in sirsi-karnataka.saint.ramanuja an incarnation of adisesha was born in tamilnadu.sripada srivallabha an incarnation of lord.dattatreya was born in pithapuram-andhra pradesh.appaiah dikshitar an incarnation of lord.shiva was born in tamilnadu.maharishi.agastya the father of tamil language still is residing in the remote corner of southindia as per puranas.so there are two sides of a coin for everything.


  6. With respect to some of the comments the origin of man is no mystery. He did not originate in Africa – that is pure speculation at best and not in the least provable. Neither is he an evolutionary progression of the apes but a totally separate and unique creation that was given a perfect start by his Creator just over 6000 years ago.The first man and woman were placed in a paradise garden situated in what is today eastern Turkey. Archaeological finds rather prove the Biblical account in Genesis to be accurate in that after a global Deluge had wiped wickedness from off the earth (this is testified to and embellished upon in many legends and religions) man migrated down into Mesopotamia roughly 4500 years ago. From Noah and his three sons all nations and tongues have spread out into all the earth.

  7. some points you wrote about dravians are wrong sister

  8. This is outrageous racism, follow proof from science and archeology.try not to get too personally involved in this .have an open mind ,dont be bias. the truth will always come out.we should not be looking at the dravidians from a personal religious standpoint.the dravidians being black is the real issue here with the caste system and the dark versus light skin in india that has everyone bleaching there skin all of the bollywood stars look white. what disrespect to the ancestors.some pride inda has.they let invaders make them ashamed of there own roots and beautful skin that god and there mothers gave them.India should love their selves and ancestors no matter what color their skin was you wouldnot be here without them. ignorance has no place here.those religious books have been written to teach spirituality not history.we cannot trust them for history.archeologists have found many sites older than 6000 years old.so someone has lied to all the masses.the truth will set you free.follow the science it always speaks for itself.anyway whats wrong with being descended from Africa. Africans are a great group of ancestors, they have given allot to civilizations all over the world.do your homework people read books not just religious stuff.THIS IS 2014 WAKE UP .KNOW THYSELF. love yourself

  9. The Aryan invasion theory is not at all a fiction of imagination, but a reality. Even Dravidians migrated from Mediterranean region, that’s why Dravidian language having some similarities with Elamite language & Uralic language. Aryans & Dravidians both are of Caucasoid race. Not all Dravidians are dark. Majority of Kannadigas, Tuluvas, & Telugus are having similar complexion as Maharastrians, Biharis, Utter Pradeshis & Madya Pradeshis. Most of the Bengalis are darker than Deccan Daravidians. Only Gujratis, Sindis, Panjabis & Kashmiris are having fairer complexion, this may be because foreign (mlechcha) settlements of Scynthians, Tocharians, Indo-Greeks, Parthians, Kambojas & Hunas in these areas. Indian population is mixture of Aryans, Aryo-Mlechchas, Aryo-Dravidians, Aryo-Himalayans, Aryo-Asiatics, Aryo-Negritos, Dravidians, Dravido-Aryans, Dravido-Himalayans, Dravido-Asiatics, Dravido-Negritos,Austro-Asiatics, Asiato-Negritos, Negritos, Tibeto-Burmans, Tibeto-Himalayans & other Aryanised or Dravidianised or Asiatised or Tibetised Primitive Tribes. After 700 AD Turks, Mongols, Afganis, Persians, Turko-Mongols, Turko-Afganis, Perso-Afganis, Perso-Turks, Perso-Mongols, Afgano-Turks, Afgano-Persians, Afgano-Mongols also settled in India.

  10. I disagree with the assumptions made in your article, you have stated “Dravidians were actually peace loving farmers and they were not trained in any kind of warfare” which is simply incorrect. The dravidians are the real Indians who has all skills except marketing, Dravidians are warriors since before Ramayan period, I invite you to visit temples in Tamilnadu to feel the legacy and excellency of art which cant be felt anywhere in this world. To write about Dravidians you should first studyTamil and its literature’s, The oldest existing language is Tamil, many north indian Languages including Sanksrit has Tamil words, The so called major religions in the world originated 2000 years ago, we have classy literature’s in Tamil which were written centuries ago, Tamil Community is the origin of Human race the evidence for saying this is TAMIL Language.

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