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selfie craze among youth

Selfie mania is sweeping the world and India has the dubious distinction of being the leading nation to record maximum selfie-triggered deaths followed by Pakistan, USA and Russia, according to a study by Carnegie Mellon University in the US. Taking selfies can be fun and that was the idea behind the developers of the selfie camera but little did the technovators realize that latent narcissism among people, especially the youth, will create an obsession for [...]

Bhavya Handa

Respected Mr. Neemuchwala, Mr. Mukherjee, and Mr. Malkani, Each day, every day, across your many offices around the globe, you all must be receiving numerous letters and correspondences. This is unlike any of them. This letter is unlike any other I have written in my life. It is one I hope never to write again. A beautiful young soul left our midst. But her death was not a natural one. Twenty-six-year old Bhavya Handa had [...]

Simmer this summer

Growing up in a fairly urban environment in the ’80s and ’90s, the only times I heard the word “Nationalist” were when my history teacher was in a particularly good mood and we were in for some lessons on the Indian struggle for independence. And the only times the word “Nationalist” was uttered in heated conversations, was when my friends and I pretended to be Moderates and Radicals and dressed up as freedom fighters. Good [...]

Attacks on African Nationals in india

The incident of physical assault on Nigerian students in Greater Noida following the death of a school boy due to overdose of drugs, cannot become an impediment in the way of India’s pro-active engagement with Africa. Nor African diplomats’-issued joint statement, in which they called the attack “racial” and “xenophobic”, would derail relations between the two sides. Yet, it is not something which could be put under the carpet, especially now that some heads of [...]

Sexual Harassment at Workplace

India being a patriarchal society is trying very hard to remove the bias against women; by educating them and seeing them step out of homes and fulfil duties as an earning member in their own right. But in all this advancement, the question remains if women in India are safe in the workplace? Is she an entity, a being, or just a commodity to be used in the eyes of the men who are working [...]

World Water Day-2017

“The quality of mercy is not strained; It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven” – Portia, The Merchant of Venice The Shakespearean heroine may not have been speaking of the quality of mercy alone. The reference may also have been to the purity and scarcity of fresh water – the elixir of life. The importance of water is apparent to all of mankind. We derive our very sustenance from the availability of fresh water [...]


International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated on March 8 every year to recognise the stellar role a woman plays, even challenging the males, in her own right as a professional, an entrepreneur, a politician or whatever else she might want to be. International Women’s Day 2016 pledged for parity for women by challenging conscious and unconscious bias, committing towards helping women and girls to achieve their ambitions, and giving equal value to both men and [...]

DU Unrest

The recent violence at Delhi University’s Ramjas College over a controversial leftist activist’s visit to the college, has led to accusations being made rampantly by all interested parties, individuals and student bodies. Both ABVP (Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad) and the liberal, left-wing students’ group have their own side of the story, with controversial remarks by a martyr’s daughter as well as some celebrities. We bring to you the gist of what has been happening without [...]

Two Wrongs Do Not Make A Right

Indian people have always been politically aware and active, and have never shied away from collectively responding to events, issues or personalities. However, there is an increasing trend of activism and attitude that should be a matter of concern to civil society. A review of public response to situations, events and actions in the near past, shows that a large section of people seem to have misplaced priorities. We pride ourselves on our rich cultural [...]

India No Country for Single Women?

As India accelerates into the 21st century trying to play catch up with developed nations, legacy and emerging social issues are holding back the nation from realising its full potential. One of the biggest social challenges in India today relates to general perception towards women, especially single women. The constitution states all men and women are equal by right, but in practice they are not and have never been equal. Our society evolved with the [...]