Educational Institutions in Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar is the principal center of learning in contemporary Orissa. The Educational Institutions in Bhubaneswar offer excellent educational standards to aspiring students from all over India.

The Educational Institutions in Bhubaneswar caters principally to the students from East Indian states like Jharkhand, Bihar and Chhatisgarh. A significant number of students also come from the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.

Bhubaneswar city is superbly connected to other major Indian metros. Bhubaneswar has 5 daily flights to Delhi, 3 to Kolkata, 3 to Mumbai, 3 to Hyderabad , 3 to Bangalore and 1 to Vishakapatnam. New connections are added every month. Bhubaneswar has daily and frequent train services to other Indian cities. This excellent connectivity has helped thrive many educational institutions like Institute of Physics, Institute of Life Sciences and Xavier Institute of Management. The Educational Institutions in Bhubaneswar include the venerable institution of Utkal University.

The Indian State of Orissa is seeing large investments in its industrial landscape. The effect of such investments are reverberating in the academic world. In the metal sector Orissa has been the beneficiary of more than 45 billion dollar investments The list of investors include the biggest companies in the world-POSCO, Arcelor Mittal and Tata Steel among others.

The energy sector has seen investments by the Petrochemicals giant Reliance Chemicals. The monetary investment is a staggering 14 billion United States Dollars. New ports are being constructed to ferry the projected production.

All these companies need fresh talent to grow. The world class Educational Institutions in Bhubaneswar are expected to quench their demand for skilled personnel.

Last Updated on 27 July 2012