Cuttack Attractions

Tourists have been allured by various architectural attractions of Cuttack, which has resulted into large inflows of tourists into the city.

Some of the most prominent tourist spots in Cuttack are as follows:

  • Barabati Fort was constructed during the 14th century by the Ganga Dynasty. The fort covers an area of 102 acres. The fort has an air of magnificence and grandeur about itself. The most outstanding structure of this fort is its entrance gate.

  • Cuttack Stone Revetments, situated on the banks of the river Mahanadi, were constructed during the 11th century. The stone revetments display excellent quality of architecture. The stone revetments are a work of great ingenuity and precision.

    Some of the attractions around Cuttack are as follows:
    • Ratnagiri is an exquisite Buddhist site that is just 70 km away from Cuttack city. This Buddhist site is located on top of a small hillock and is encircled by rivers on all sides.

    • Dhabaleshwar is an exotic island that is located 37 km away from Cuttack. This island is famous for the temple of Lord Shiva.

    • Ansupa situated only 70 km away from Cuttack city is famous for its beautiful and serene lake. The lake is surrounded by lush green vegetation and is indeed a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of daily life.
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    Last Updated on 30 August 2012