Hoka Resort

The Hoka Resort is an enchanting abode in the beautiful Diu Island. It is a brainchild of Aditya Dogra. It is located on the Nagoa Beach, in the western part of Diu town.

Sylvan shade

The Hoka Resort in Diu Island is set in the cool shades of Palm trees, locally known as Hoka. The resort was designed in a meticulous way by Dogra so that there was need to sacrifice the lanky palm trees by cutting them down. It is really a sensual and romantic atmosphere that the Hoka shades create.

Hoka - the admirable abode

One of the best resorts in Diu Island, the Hoka Resort offers comfortable rooms to its guests. There are a total number of 14 rooms at Hoka Resort in Diu Island. The rooms are clean and spacious and almost all the rooms have attached bathroom. Six of the rooms are air-conditioned.

The Hoka Resort of Diu welcomes the tourists in a friendly and relaxed ambiance. It takes special care in providing its boarders with facilities like wide range of music collection.

Satisfying the taste buds

The restaurant in Hoka Resort is always ready to serve the guests with mouth-watering delicacies. The restaurant in Hoka Resort serves a large variety of fish dishes and other seafood preparations from pomfret, prawn and tuna. The food is sure to satisfy the palates. To quench the thirst of the boarders, the bar at the Hoka Resort has in store a number of drinks like beer and fine wine.

Staying at the Hoka Resort of Diu Island will provide a delightful experience for the tourists.

Last Updated on 26 September 2012