Gwalior Folk Poets

The Gwalior Folk Poets have immense influence on the rich Gwalior culture. Among many well known folk poets Ghag and Jagnik were the most celebrated. The folk poetry of Gwalior has inspired many generations and it still has the same attracting capacity. The Gwalior folk poetry paints the pictures of the golden days of the region. The poems are rich in deep philosophical expressions.

The biographies or Raso written by Jagnik are still treasured for its vivid description of the lives of the folk warriors of his time. During 11th to 12th century, Jagnik wrote many poems, among them the Alha Khan and Parmal Raso are the must mentions. One of the distinct member of the Mughal Durbar, Ghag was very popular for his humorous yet satirical poems. One of his poems is about three kinds of foolish people in the world. His simplicity and witty writings earned him great popularity among the common people of Gwalior.

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Last Updated on 16th Oct 2012