Gwalior Municipal Corporation

The Gwalior Municipal Corporation or the Gwalior Nagar Nigam was established in 1887 as a local governing body. The Council of Regency conceived the body for the administration of the estate of Gwalior, locally.

Primarily, Gwalior Municipal Corporation came into existence to look after the infrastructural development of the city of Gwalior. The establishment functions under the Municipal Law of 1911. The Gwalior Municipality underwent major restructuring in the month of May, 1983.

The Municipal Corporation of Gwalior addresses the problems of the denizens of Gwalior and takes necessary steps as may be required. The institution's area of concern includes the Fire Brigade, Property, Gardens, Zoo, Revenue, Building Permission, Colony Layout, Pension, Property, Accounts, Death, Birth, Central, Payroll, Purchase, Complaints, City Planning and Sanitation.

The Gwalior Municipal Corporation provides the necessary basic amenities for the dwellers of the Gwalior city. It looks after the water supply, sewerage, drainage facilities, power supply and the like. Headed by the Commissioner, an elected body of members, including the Mayor, presides over the functions of this establishment. The present body was nominated in the year 2004There are 60 elected councilors and 6 government nominated members in the corporation.

The Gwalior Municipal Corporation also takes care of the weaker sections of society like the women, unemployed youth, aged, orphans, the physically or the mentally challenged, poor and homeless. It works for the provision of health benefits, recreational means, and for imparting vocational training to the youth for self employment.

Last Updated on 16th Oct 2012