Haridwar Bhimgoda Kund

The tour to Haridwar Bhimgoda Kund enlightens the tourists on the rich religious ancestry and mythological legacy of the bygone golden era. Situated at a short distance of half kilometer from the sacred Ghat of Har-ki- Pauri in Haridwar, the tank derived its name from the legendry character of Bhima.

According to the traditional legacy and religious history of the region, the Bhimgoda Tank had been dug out by the mythological character of Bhima. He extracted water from the Sacred Kund by hitting the rocks with the hoof of his horse. The Bhimgoda Kund draws several devotees from far and wide who are enchanted by the divine sanctity and historical importance of the religious place.

During the modern times, the sacred Bhimgoda Kund plays an important role in regulating the excess water of River Ganges that flows into the Bhimgoda Tank. A canal has been built to change the direction of the flow of water of the tank into the Bhimgoda Headworks.

An architectural marvel of the present era, the dam of Bhimgoda has added to the scenic beauty of the place. The construction of several artificial fountains, small canals and swift flowing falls has made the religious place of Bhimgoda Kund one of the places of tourist interest of Haridwar. Surrounded by sprawling gardens, Bhimgoda Kund relieves the tourists from the stress and strains of daily mundane life.

One of the notable religious tours from Haridwar, Bhimgoda Kund enriches the historical knowledge of the tourists. Bhimgoda Kund presents a harmonious balance of religious legacies and contemporary architectural splendors.

Last Updated on 17th Oct 2012