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Nagpur Location Map,Maharashtra

Nagpur Location Map
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*Map showing the location of Nagpur district in Maharashtra. Disclaimer

Speaking about Nagpur location, it can be said that the city is located in Maharashtra state, between 21°45 north to 20°30 north and 78°15 east to 79°45 east. Thus it can be said that Nagpur falls in the Deccan plateau region. Nagpur is bordered by Amravati and Wardha in the west, Bhandara in the east and Chandrapur in the south. In the north, it shares its boundary with the state of Madhya Pradesh of which it was a capital till 1956.

So far Nagpur location goes; it is at an advantageous position for the major highways like the NH-7 and NH-6 passes through this city of Maharashtra. The distance of Nagpur from the metropolitan cities like Delhi is 1094 kms, from Mumbai is 837 kms, from Kolkata is 1140 kms and from Chennai is 1092 kms. Also the major state and central government offices are sited at Nagpur.
Total Population2,051,320
Total Male1,058,692
Total Female992,628
Total Population (0-6 Age Group)241,605
Total Male (0-6 Age Group)124,626
Total Female (0-6 Age Group)116,979
Total Literates 1,616,818
Total Male Literates 876,342
Total Female Literates 740,476

Last Updated on : August 05,2021

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