Where is Rajkot Located | Rajkot Location Map

Rajkot Location Map,Gujarat

Rajkot Location Map
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*Map showing the location of Rajkot district in Gujarat. Disclaimer

Rajkot location is one of the most important information pertaining to this Indian city. The city of Rajkot is located in the region of Saurashtra in the state of Gujarat in India. The latitudinal location of Rajkot city is 23°08' North latitude to 20°58' North latitude. The longitudinal location of Rajkot is 71°40' East longitude to 70°20 ' East longitude.

Total Population966,642
Total Male506,915
Total Female459,727
Total Population (0-6 Age Group)113,590
Total Male (0-6 Age Group)62,441
Total Female (0-6 Age Group)51,149
Total Literates 719,070
Total Male Literates 397,971
Total Female Literates 321,099

Last Updated on : August 05,2021

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