Indore - Maheshwar

Indore - Maheshwar is one of the popular excursions frequently undertaken by the tourists. The excursion from Indore to Maheshwar is an exciting and exotic one.

Maheshwar is located at a distance of 91 kms from Indore. The small town can be reached by road from the city of Indore. The bus journey from Indore to Maheswar takes approximately four hours. The tourists may avail the regular buses that ply along the region.

The sari produced by the local weavers of Maheshwar is extremely reputed for its intricate designs and texture. These are very comfortable to wear. The traditional drape made in Maheshwar retains an ethnicity. The saris can be procured from the local shops of the region. The artistically made saris of Maheshwar can be purchased at a small price rate.

The trip from Indore to Maheswar is one of the most popular excursion from Indore:

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Last Updated on 29th Nov 2012