Indore - Mhow

Indore - Mhow is one of the most interesting excursions from Indore. Military Headquarters of war is the full form for the word MHOW. In the year1818, the town of Mhow was established. This small town houses three leading training institutions of the Indian Army such as MCTE, College of Combat and Infantry School. The Mhow cantonment was established by Sir John Malcolm after the Treaty of Mandsour which was signed by the British Government and then Holkar king.

Mhow is located at a very convenient distance from Commercial city of Indore. It is about 22 km away from the city. One can easily reach the destination by road through bus or private or hired cars. It takes nearly one hour to reach the destination.

Mhow is also famous as it is the birthplace of Lord Parshuram. There are a number of interesting places to visit around Mhow. Patal Pani and Berchha Lake are the popular tourist attractions located within the range of ten km.

People from far off places come to visit the town situated in the lap of nature.

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Last Updated on 29th Nov 2012