Indore - Omkareshwar

Indore - Omkareshwar is one of the popular excursions undertaken from the city. The small island is located on the confluence of the River Narmada and the River Kaveri. The island is shaped like the Hindu religious symbol, Om. Omkareshwar is popularly visited by the pilgrims of the country.

Omkareshwar lies at a distance of 77 kilometers from the city of Indore and can be easily reached by rail and road. The nearest railway station of the city lies at a distance of 12 kilometers.

The Sri Omkareshwar Mahadeo Temple and the Siddnath Temple are the two most reputed pilgrim centers of the region. The Sri Omkareshwar Mahadeo Temple is dedicated to the worship of Lord Shiva. The temple enshrines the jyotirlingam. The temple is constructed of soft stones that are found in the region.

The Siddnath Temple represents the Brahminic architecture that was popular in them medieval era. The temple is bound by elephants that are carved out of the stone slabs and rise to a height of 1.5 meters.

While on the excursion from Indore to Omkareshwar the tourists may visit the ruins of the other Hindu and Jain temples that lie in the city. The Kajal Rani Cave which lies at a distance of 9 kilometers from Omkareshwar can be visited by the tourists. The tourists may visit the Satmatrika Temples which lies at a distance of 6 kilometers. The temples were established in the 10th century.

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Last Updated on 29th Nov 2012