Indore Health

Indore health comprises of hospitals, nursing homes, diagnostic centers, rehabilitation centers and maternity homes of the city. The ambulance services, X-ray clinics, chemists and druggists and doctors of the city also form an integral part of the health sector in Indore.

The hospitals and nursing homes of Indore occupy significant position in the health sector of Indore. Some of the hospitals in Indore are Verma Union Hospital, Vyas Children Hospital,

  • Yarden Nursing Home
  • Curewell Hospital Private Limited
  • Shah Nursing Home
  • JainDiwakar Hospital
  • Sarvodaya Nursing Home
  • Pooja Hospital
  • Suyash Hospital
  • Pragati Hospital
  • Greater Kailash Nursing Home And Eye Hospital

    The hospitals and nursing homes at Indore are among the topnotch health care centers in the city. They are known to provide the best medical and therapeutical facilities in Madhya Pradesh. These hospitals work towards preventing the communicable and infectious diseases in the city. Moreover, they also take care of the well-being of the people in Indore.

    Besides the hospitals and nursing homes, the health sector in Indore also comprises of diagnostic centers, doctors, chemists, ambulance services and X-ray clinics. These services largely support the health care in Indore. Among the major chemists and druggist of Indore are Venus Medical Agencies, Standard Agencies, Themis Distributors, Shanti Medical and Welcome Medicose. The ambulance services such as Maharaja Yeshwantrao Hospital and Anand Hospital Research Center largely help the patients in Indore to avail of the medical services extended by the hospitals of the territory.

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    Last Updated on 29th Nov 2012