Hospitals in Indore

Indore hospitals are spread across the length and breadth of the city and are known to provide the best medical and therapeutical services. They are among the topnotch hospitals in Madhya Pradesh. The hospitals of Indore provide specialized treatments to the patients. The medical services offered by them include orthopedics, gynecology, pulmonary medicine, dermatology and general surgery.

Among the major Indore hospitals, we can name a few:

  • CHL Apollo Hospitals - CHL Apollo Hospitals is situated on A B Road. It is the first Corporate Hospital of central India. It is also a multi-speciality hospital with 180 beds. CHL Apollo Hospitals is the first hospital in Indore to begin coronary angioplasty and bypass surgeries. The hospital is also credited to be the initiator of the catheter based inventions in central India. It is also known to extend a number of facilities to the patients. Some of the facilities offered by the hospital include oncology, psychiatry, neurology and neuro surgery, pediatrics, diabetes and plastic surgery.

  • Choithram Hospital and Research Centre - Choithram Hospital and Research Centre was established in 1979 by Late Thakurdasji. Shri Thakurdasji has built this hospital in the memory of this father, Shri Choithramji Pagarani. The main objective of the hospital is to offer free OPD to the patients. Besides, the hospital is also known to offer a number of diagnostic facilities to the patients. Some of the facilities offered by the hospital include CT Scan, Mammography, Ultrasonography, EEG, Video EMG and many more.

Besides these hospitals, we also come across a number of other hospitals in Indore. Some of the other hospitals at Indore are:

List of Hospitals in Indore

  • Verma Union Hospital
  • Curewell Hospital Private Limited
  • Suyog Hospital
  • Pragati Hospital
  • Vyas Children Hospital
  • Suyash Hospital
  • M Y Hospital
  • Ratnadeep Hospital
  • Pooja Hospital
  • Mental Hospital
  • Life Line Hospital
  • KD care Hospital

Last Updated on 29th Nov 2012