Indore Information

Indore information include the details of the police station, ambulance, fire services and other miscellaneous emergency services of the city. The information about Indore help the tourists and the residents to know more about the city. It also helps the tourists to make the most from their tour in the city.

The information about Indore provides a detailed idea about all the major hospitals and nursing homes. The hospitals and nursing homes at Indore are among the best hospitals in Madhya Pradesh. The hospitals in Indore are known for their medical and therapeutical services. Some of the best hospitals of Indore that deserve special mention in this context are CHL Apollo Hospitals, Choithram Hospital and Research Centre, Verma Union Hospital and Curewell Hospital Private Limited.

Besides, the information about Indore also include telephone directory, police headquarters, directorate, collectorate, pin codes and public services in the city. It also include the details of the ambulance, blood banks, fire brigade and other emergency services available in the city.

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Last Updated on 29th Nov 2012