National Research Center for Weed Science,Jabalpur

National Research Center for Weed Science, Jabalpur was set up in 1989 as a centre to conduct both basic as well as applied research on weed management. It was a nodal center functioning under the aegis of the ICAR. This government institute at Jabalpur would also coordinate the activities of the All India Coordinated Research Program (AICRP) on Weed Control.

National Research Center for Weed Science at Jabalpur comprises of a team of professional scientists who study and research on the methods of weed management.

The primary objective of National Research Center for Weed Science in Jabalpur is to study and undertake research work on the agro ecology, biology and physiology of weeds and to study the problems in relation to weed management.

There are many infrastructure facilities available at National Research Center for Weed Science of Jabalpur. Some of the facilities are a follows:
  • Computer Cell: The centre supports its scientists with a very valuable system of computer based analysis and packages such as word processing, statistical analysis, email and internet

  • Laboratory Facilities: The centre has modern research equipments in its laboratory. Some of them are as follows:
    • BOD incubators
    • Leaf area meters
    • PH meter
    • Seed germinator
    • Laminar air flow
    • Gas liquid chromatography
    • Vacuum evaporator
    • Infrared analyzer.

  • Experimental farm
    • Well laid out farm of 61.5 hectares
    • Facilities such as field experiments, long term cropping
    • Custom built Green house
    • Aquatic Chambers

  • Library/Documentation
    • Total of 1036 books
    • Good facilities such as CABPEST & CABSAC
    • Total subscription of 10 Foreign Journals and 61 Indian Journals

Last Updated on 16th Dec 2012