Jalandhar Police

Jalandhar police helps the residents of Jalandhar to live peacefully within the territory of Jalandhar. The police at Jalandhar look after the law and order of the city. The functions of the police at Jalandhar are security control of the VIPs, monitoring of anti-activities, anti-theft patrol, traffic control, etc.

An estimate of the important numbers pertaining to the police in Jalandhar is as follows:

  • Jalandhar Police - 100
  • Jalandhar Cantonment Police - 100
  • Police Station Cantonment - 2263000

    These telephone numbers help the people of Jalandhar to avail of the police services during emergencies. These numbers also help the travelers to get immediate help from the Jalandhar Police at times of emergencies.

    Last Updated on 17th Dec 2012