Jalandhar Doordarshan

Jalandhar Doordarshan is a television channel that can be viewed by the people who stay in the district of Jalandhar in Punjab. It is one of the leading Doordarshan channels that are telecast in the entire country of India. Doordarshan Jalandhar is one of the most commonly viewed television channels in the district.

The Doordarshan Kendra of Punjab was initially located in the capital city of Amritsar. It was started on the 23rd of September in the year 1973. However, the Doordarshan center of the state was relocated to the city of Jalandhar. Jalandhar Doordarshan was started on the 13th of April of the year 1979. This center of Doordarshan has two separate transmitters. One of the transmitters is located in the capital city of Amritsar, while the other one is situated in the place called Pathankot. Both the transmitters have a range of 90 km.

The center of Doordarshan in Jalandhar covers the whole region of Jammu and Kashmir, Haryana, Punjab and the Chandigarh union territory. The various programs that can be viewed on Doordarshan Jalandhar are telecast from three different television stations. These stations are located at Kasauli, Amritsar and Bathinda.

There is another television station that belongs to Jalandhar Doordarshan, which has been recently launched. The name of this new channel is DD Punjabi. This channel has been created specially for the people of the state. DD Punjabi telecasts a variety of Punjabi programs.

The Doordarshan center of Jalandhar is quite popular among the district people as it offers some high quality television infotainment at different times of the day.

Last Updated on 17th Dec 2012