Jalandhar People

Jalandhar people comprises of many famous luminaries from the world of sports, media, entertainment and politics. The city of Jalandhar has been the nurturing ground of several brilliant achievers from different arenas of social life who have contributed immensely to the cultural integrity of the country.

Important Personalities:

The city of Jalanadhar has become synonymous with important personalities in their respective fields.

The famous singer and actor of the yester years, K.L. Saigal had undergone his musical training in Jalandhar from where the musical maestro had adopted the Punjabi style of singing.

Bhagat Singh was born in a village of Jalandhar. The great revolutionary, who played an important role in the Indian independence struggle, drew inspiration from the events that affected Punjab. Later on Bhagat Singh rose to be a national leader with a mass appeal.

Jagjit Singh is another noted personality from the world of music. The musical genius completed his education from D.A.V. College of Jalandhar. Jagjit Singh, along with his wife Chitra Singh, popularized ghazals among the common masses.

The famous producer and director from the field of Hindi film industry, Yash Chopra was born in Jalandhar. Yash Chopra is credited with directing and producing many famous movies in Hindi.

The famous film personality, social service worker and politician, Mr Sunil Dutt had his roots in Jalandhar. He started his career in the field of Hindi movies. During the later phase of his career, Sunil Dutt joined active politics and selflessly served the country till the last day of his life.

Harbhajan Singh, the well known cricketing star, was born in Jalandhar. Harbhajan Singh has represented India in several international games and made Indians proud of his glorious achievements.

Jalandhar boasts of many celebrities who have made the city famous for their achievements.

Below is the list of important Jalandhar People:

Last Updated on 17th Dec 2012