Tulsi Mandir

The temple of Vrinda is one of the ancient monuments in the city of Jalandhar. It is commonly known as Tulsi Mandir by the devotees. Tulsi Mandir is located in the Kot Kishan Chand locality of Jalandhar. The temple is dedicated to Vrinda, who was the wife of the demon Jalandhara. This temple is one of the main places of worship for the Hindus in the city.

The Tulsi Mandir in Jalandhar is believed to be as old as the city of Jalandhar. There is a tank on one side of Tulsi Mandir which is considered to be demon Jalandhara's bathing place.

There are a number of temples near the Tulsi Mandir. The temple of Gupha is located nearby. Annapurna, the goddess of plenty, is worshiped in the temple.

Near the Tulsi Mandir lies the Brahm Kund and few temples which are dedicated to Lord Shiva, one of the holy trinity as per Hindu mythology. Close to the Balmiki Gate of the temple is the Sheetla Mandir, where Goddess Sheetla is worshiped. Within the premises of the temple there are two small old temples dedicated to Lord Hanuman and Lord Shiva.

Last Updated on 17th Dec 2012