Indian Tube Company Limited

Indian Tube Company Limited is one of the many industrial enterprises that dot the landscape of the industrial city of Jamshedpur. The company is also famed for being one of the major players that plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of the Jamshedpur Economy and Business.

Indian Tube Company Limited opened doors in the year 1953 as a limited concern. The company worked jointly with Messrs. Stewarts and Lloyds limited as well as the celebrated Tata Iron and Steel Company (TISCO), the company that has been instrumental in changing the fate of Jamshedpur. A year later, in 1954 the company was officially registered. Soon afterwards, business operations commenced in Indian Tube Company Limited and there was no looking back for the company.

In Jamshedpur, the company is spread across an expanse of 68 acres and makes use of the latest state of the art technology. Some of the top end gadgets that are a part of the infrastructure of Indian Tube Company Limited include the following:
  • A uniform butt weld mill that is used in the manufacture of tubes for the steam, gas and water industry. The dimensions of the tubes include a bore whose diameter ranges between half an inch to three inches. A galvanizing plant as well as a plethora of high tech finished equipments and the latest socket plants are also incorporated in the plant.

  • A plant that caters exclusively to the design and manufacture of resistance weld tubes. A Fretz Moon plant has been put up that has a capacity to produce 90,000 tons of commercial piping. The success and brisk business of the firm has prompted the government to set up a second firm in the city.

Last Updated on 24/06/2013