Jamshedpur Jobs

There are several Jamshedpur jobs which require both skilled and unskilled vocational preferences. Jamshedpur is located in the heart of Jharkhand. It derives its name from the eminent visionary Jamshedji Nusserwanji Tata, the forefather of J.R.D Tata. In his honor, the city has also been renamed Tatanagar.

Jamshedpur, the industrial city has realized that a skilled workforce forms the backbone of the Jamshedpur Economy and Business. Among the jobs available at this city, a significant percentage is offered by the Tata steel plant. This plant requires both blue collared and managerial jobs. A high percentage of the local population is employed in this plant.

Excepting the steel plant, there are several other job opportunities in Jamshedpur as well. Engineering jobs are available aplenty. There are opportunities in Mechanical, Civil and Metallurgical Engineering in Jamshedpur. Also, big software houses like Tata Consultancy Services are in the need of more software engineers as they plan to expand in the state.

Management jobs are also available and Management trainees are in demand for completing on-job training in these industries. Several high end firms require manpower for their sales and marketing operations as well. Especially, the marketing jobs are very popular as the state of Jharkhand is becoming a favorite among investors.

Jobs in Jamshedpur are quite rewarding and are attracting graduates and labors alike.

Last Updated on 24/06/2013