Jamshedpur Information

Jamshedpur information contains a list of emergency numbers that assist the local people of the city and the tourists in times of emergency. Information on Jamshedpur includes:
  • Jamshedpur Utilities and Services Company
  • Jamshedpur Markets
  • Jamshedpur Police Stations
  • Jamshedpur Facts
  • Jamshedpur Transportation
  • Jamshedpur emergency Numbers
Much of Jamshedpur's growth as a modern city was contributed by the Tata Group of Industries. Their factories and offices in Jamshedpur have provided employment to thousands of people. The Jamshedpur Utilities and Services Company or JUSCO is one of the subsidiaries of the Tata industries and has emerged as one of the prime organizations of the city. The markets and shopping areas in Jamshedpur will appease the tourists who love to shop. Jamshedpur is well connected with all types of transportation. Jamshedpur has a lovely road network connecting Kolkata, Ranchi, Patna and other major East Indian cities. Several regular trains connect Jamshedpur to other parts of the country. To reach Jamshedpur by air, one has to land in the Ranchi Airport and proceed on his journey by road or rail.

A concise knowledge on Jamshedpur's population, area, culture, festivals etc. will help to get a real feel of the city. To tackle any emergency situation in Jamshedpur, the emergency telephones numbers like police, ambulance, hospitals, blood banks etc. should be kept as a ready reckoner. To get more Jamshedpur Information, please visit the following links:

Last Updated on 02/07/2013