Archeology of Jharkhand

The archeology of Jharkhand proves that the Gangetic region was the epicenter of the ancient Indian civilization. The archeology in Jharkhand is responsible for the excavation and exploration in the territory that hides a lot of mystery regarding the ancient inhabitants of the region.

Jharkhand and the areas surrounding has been the abode of a number of people. History proves that Jharkhand had been home to many tribes and dynasties: many kings and emperors had set up their empire in the territory of Jharkhand. The archeology of Jharkhand throws light on these dynasties and helps us to peruse the socio-political and the economic aspect of the contemporary society.

It has been only three years since the state of Jharkhand has come into existence; but in these three years, the archaeological department of Jharkhand has launched many exploration campaigns in the districts of Ranchi, Bokaro and Dhanbad, in order to study the socio-cultural pattern of the society of Jharkhand.

In Jharkhand, the license for the archaeological survey lies with the Archaeological Survey of India that conducts excavations, as well as seminars on the historical sites of Jharkhand. In these years of research, the Archaeological Survey of India has unraveled a lot about the history of Jharkhand. Excavations conducted at Guhiapal Village have revealed many antiquities that date back to the Chalcolithic period. Moreover, the archaeological evidences of Jharkhand have inspired many historians, anthropologists, archaeologists and other scholars to take interest in the territory of Jharkhand.

Moreover, the museums of the Jharkhand also house a wide range of archaeological evidences that adhere to the rich past of Jharkhand. Students and enthusiasts of Archeology at Jharkhand can visit these museums and collect data on the cultural heritage of Jharkhand.

Last Updated on : 25th March 2013



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