Jharkhand Sarangi

The Jharkhand sarangi is a very famous musical instrument that is used in Jharkhand, an important state in Eastern India. Usually, this instrument is used with Hindustani classical music in other parts of India.

Use of Jharkhand Sarangi

The Jharkhand sarangi is frequently used to create the background music for a variety of folk songs that are sung by the rural population of the state of Jharkhand who represent different tribes and clans in the state.

The different categories of songs for which this musical instrument is used are as follows:
  • Domkach
  • Dohari
  • Daidhara
  • Mardana Jhumar
  • Pahilsanjha
  • Akhariya Domkach
  • Udasi
  • Janani Jhumar
  • Pawa
  • Vinsariya
  • Faguwa
  • Adhratiya
  • Jhumta
  • Pratkali

How does the Jharkhand Sarangi look like?

The musical instrument of Jharkhand sarangi has a curved look. The sarangi is made of three principal components and they are as follows:
  • The core body of the instrument
  • The soundboard or the resonator
  • The cords

Cords of the sarangi
The Jharkhand sarangi musical instrument features three main cords and many supplementary cords.

The number of supplementary cords of the instrument differs between 20 and 30. The weight of the three key cords is more than the other cords. These cords are the ones which you can twist or strum at the time of playing the instrument. At the same time, the rest of the cords assist in generating the hum which is just similar to this specific melodic instrument.

Significance of Jharkhand Sarangi

This sarangi along with other musical instruments in the state of Jharkhand such as the singa, the bansuri, and the arbansi is used quite frequently for melodiously augmenting the folk music of the region.

What does the name of the instrument imply?

Sarangi, the name of this popular musical instrument, is usually assumed to signify "hundred varieties of colors". This name implies the broad variety of melodies that you can generate with this instrument. In addition, the name also stands for the assortment of music schools that can be supported with this musical instrument effortlessly.

Last Updated on: 1 July 2013