Falls in Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal, an idyllic hill resort crowning the Palani Hills of South India is a tourist's haven with cascading waterfalls, rocky woods, rolling valleys, sylvan lakes and a congenial ambiance. Amongst the wondrous natural rhapsodies of the hill station, the Falls in Kodaikanal hold a special place.

Located on the principal ghat road, the ripples of the Silver Cascade waterfalls tumble down a towering height of 180 feet to gush into a sparkling pool, gleaming like a mirage of quicksilver. The regular overflowing of the Kodai lake is responsible for the formation of the majestic falls that presents nature at its best.

The Bear Shola Falls is one of the noted tourist attractions of Kodaikanal. Sited at a stone's throw distance from the local bus stand and a mere 2 km away from the picturesque Kodai lake, the waterfalls are a popular picnic spot, frequented by myriads of tourists.

The cascades and its gentle murmurs are not only a rage with the tourists, the ferocious bears too were aficionados of the waterfalls and regularly arrived to drink the pure and sweet waters to quench their thirst. This explains the nomenclature of the natural wonder.

Pambar Falls, popularly known as the Nom de plume grand cascade is a splendid surprise that awaits tourist as they journey across the tortuous paths fringed by rugged hills.

Located behind the Pambar House at a distance of 4 km from Kodaikanal, the waterfall showers down the Pambar Ravine and a series of steep and precariously slippery rocks during its meandering course.

Another waterfall falling under the scope of noted falls of Kodaikanal is the Thalaiyar Falls or the Rat Tail falls that is famed for its 13 km wide expanse.

Last Updated on : 05 May 2011