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Thanjavur Tourism

The little town of Tamil Nadu is often dubbed as its "Rice Bowl". The land traces its past in the legends owing its name to Tanjan - an asura (giant) who was killed by Lord Vishnu as a penalty to his misdeeds. Tanjan's last request that the city might be named after him was granted.

During the rule of the Cholas, the city reached a height of glory and the successive dynasties contributed more to it. A travel to Tanjore would take you to the land of several templesand historic ruins in and around the city that bear witness to the splendour of a bygone time.

The much-famed Brihadeeswarar Temple welcomes you as you travel to Tanjore. Constructed more than a hundred years ago, it is an architect's marvel.

Travel to Tanjore to see how the collection of 30,433 Sanskrit and other vernacular palm leaf manuscripts and 6,426 printed volumes, besides a large number of journals in Saraswathi Mahal Library. Don't forget to visit the ancient historical site at Papanasham as you travel to Tanjore. The granary built here in 17th century had the capacity to store 3,000 Kalam (measure).

How to Reach Thanjavur

Elaborately carved temples, historic ruins coupled with secluded lends Tanjore a unique charm making it a prime tourist destination in southern India. Although the city traces its origin into a very old past, convenient location makes it easy to approach from any part of the country by various means of communication. Other tourist destination in Tamil Nadu and Kerala are also located close to Tanjore. Convenient network of air, road and rail connects Tanjore to other cities of the region.

By Air

The city does not have an airport of its own. The nearest airport is in Trichy only 54kms away from Tanjore. Many private and public airlines operate domestic flights to and from Trichy. Some other international airlines too operate regular flights to this airport.

By Road

A good network of well maintained roads connect Tanjore with major south Indian cities like Chennai, Madurai, Trichy and so on. These places again are linked to rest of the country by road.

By Train

The city has a railway station of its own. A well laid out rail network links Tanjore with cities in this part of India. Many important trains service the station regularly.

Shopping in Thanjavur

The city of Tanjore in Tamil Nadu is a haven for craft lovers. The city draws much of its fame from the exquisite handicrafts and handlooms that its skilled artisans produce.

Weaving, painting, jewelry, woodworks are some of its renowned handicrafts which make for wonderful shopping in Tanjore. Since long past Tanjore has been a princely state and under the patronage of the royals, tradition of art and craft attained a glorious height in Tanjore. Do remember to take back some artifacts while shopping in Tanjore.

Silk weaving is a major traditional craft in Tanjore. A lot of people are engaged in the profession. They specialize in weaving silk saris with broad border and unique motifs laden all over with Zari work. The saris are huge hit for weddings and religious occasions. Pick up graceful Tanjore silk saris while shopping in Tanjore.

Another must-buy in Tanjore is traditional paintings. Richly adorned paintings of mostly Hindu gods are quite popular with those who want to do shopping in Tanjore.

Check out Thalaiyatti Bommai (literally the head-nodding doll), which serve as great souvenirs of a Tanjore tour. Thanjavur Plates (with sombu, coconut), brass and bronze idols, bowls and vessels are other items for shopping in Thanjavur.

There are many shopping joints within the city. Several government run shops and private ones dot over the townscape, which you may explore for great variety and right price.

Visiting the craftsmen at work and buying directly from them is also a good option for shopping in Tanjore.

Last Updated on : 26/09/2013