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Tiruchirappalli Tourism

The little town of Trichy is one of the prime destinations in Tamil Nadu. The Palavas, the Cholas, the Pandyas - each of the dynasties had laid their hands in building temples all over the state. With its own share of temples Trichy beckons you to a quite land on the bank of the river Cauvery.

Travel to Trichy to see how master craftsmen of yore brought alive the stories from legends and epics from lifeless rocks. The huge Ranganathaswamy Temple greets you as you travel to Trichy. Arguably the largest temple in the country inspires awe with the impressive rock hewn architecture with elaborate carvings.

Your travel to Trichy should be marked by a visit to the Rock Fort Temple precariously built upon a rocky outcrop. The outstanding structure overlooks the teeming city below from a height of 83meters.

Myths and legends still linger in the making of the temples. Take time off in your travel to Trichy to visit the Sri Jambukeswara Temple. The temple owes its name to the legendary elephant who worshipped Lord Shiva. The temple architecture speaks volumes for the splendid architectural heritage of southern India.

How to Reach Tiruchirappalli

The historical city of Trichy draws more of its fame from its temples. For the temples, Trichy is considered one of the popular pilgrimage sites by the Hindus in India. Apart from the elaborately sculpted temples, it is for the churches, ruins of historical monuments and a unique cultural environment, tourists make a beeline to Trichy every year.

By Air

Trichy has an airport of its own. Major public and private domestic airlines operate regular flights to Trichy from different parts of the country. Trivandrum and Chennai are linked directly to the city by air. Some international airlines also link Trichy to countries like Sri Lanka, Kuwait.

By Road

Trichy is located at convenient distance from significant cities in south India. An extensive road network connects the town with Bangalore (345kms), Madurai (142kms), Chennai (320kms), Ooty (302kms).

By Train

The Railway Stations in Trichy lies on in between Chennai and Madurai. Both these stations are in turn connected to the rest of the country by several important trains.

Shopping in Tiruchirappalli

Trichy is not a typical shopping destination. People travel to Trichy in attraction of its exquisitely carved temples, churches and historical monuments.

But if you are keen on shopping in Trichy, it may turn out to be a delightful experience. Traditional handicrafts of Tamil Nadu are available in abundance in Trichy.

In this part of Tamil Nadu woodcrafts and weaving is a rich tradition. Baskets, mats made out of bamboo, cane, grasses, reeds and fibers make for good shopping in Trichy.

The specialty crafts of Tamil Nadu include: jewelry, metalware, paintings, pottery and stone carvings. These items are available in Trichy in plenty. You may choose to pick up the same while shopping in Trichy.

With Government run emporia and private shops are in galore, there are also many options for shopping in Trichy. A visit to the local bazaar is itself a feast to eyes.

Big Bazaar Road, Chinnar Bazaar are good places where you can hang around for shopping in Trichy. Colorful assortment of artifacts and utilities loaded in shops and streets, lit up and packed with people may leave you utterly amused.

Most of the government run shops and renowned private one offer authentic articles and good prices. You may also buy from the local vendors erecting roadside stalls usually close to the important sightseeing points in the evening. You may get a wide variety and cheap prices if you are comfortable with a little bargain while shopping in Trichy.

Places to Visit in Tiruchirappalli

  • Viralimalai Sanctuary
  • Kudumianmalai
  • Rock Fort Temple
  • Sri Ranganathaswami Temple
  • Jambukeswara Temple

Last Updated on : 26/09/2013