Mosques in Kollam

There are a large number of mosques in Kollam that have been built over a large span of time. The mosques built during the recent periods are more magnificent and grand, compared to the ancient ones. The Chinnakkada Palli is one the oldest mosques in Kollam. It is also one of the most important mosque housed within the territory of Kollam.

Kollurvila Jamaat Mosque at Pallimukku is an important place of worship in Kollam city. One of the ancient mosque known as Kollampalli was gifted by Amir Agmad, son of Abul-i-Fath of Kazrum in 1326 AD. The inscriptions on the mihrab of the mosque verifies this fact.

The mosques of Kollam are the finest specimens of Islamic architecture. In fact, the mosques at Kollam are known for their elaborate domes, prayer halls and minarets.

Most of the mosques in Kollam have a covered structure with a large prayer hall located centrally. The prayer hall is surrounded by covered verandahs. A number of these mosques have the same features as seen in the Brahmanical tradition. The dome of the mosque at Patalayini Kollam is covered with copper sheets very similar to the Brahmanical temples. The extensive use of wood can be seen in the mosques of this region. Exquisite wooden carvings can be seen on the wooden pulpits (mimbar) of the mosques. In fact, the mosques form an important part of the socio-cultural life of the Muslim community in Kollam.

Last Updated on 9/15/2011