Mukkada Bazaar in Kollam

Mukkada Bazaar in Kollam is a popular place of interest among the tourists. Tourists can get a glimpse of the socio-cultural life of Kollam at the Mukkada Bazaar. Mukkada Bazaar of Kollam is a market area and is considered to be the main hub of trade and commerce in the city. The layout of the bazaar is unique in its own way. The shops are all situated along the several parallel streets that form the market area.

Mukkada Bazaar in Kollam provides a kaleidoscopic view of the socio-economic pattern of the city. Various types of goods and articles are traded in this bazaar by the traders and merchants of Kollam. Spices and crops are the main commodities that are traded here. Cashew nuts are one of the major items sold at Mukkada Bazaar. Kollam is known across the country for its cashew production and processing factories. The market features several warehouses of spices and stores where metal articles are sold. The busy market is crammed with local people as well as tourists.

People from different parts of the town throng the Mukkada Bazaar to buy their desired products. It is interesting to note that Mukkada Bazaar at Kollam offers opportunities for bargaining. Therefore, shoppers can get their desired products at economical and well-bargained rates.

Last Updated on 9/15/2011