Kollam Media

Kollam Media plays a major role in bringing comprehensive reports of notable events from all across the world to the doorstep of the residents of this South Indian city. The print and broadcast media of Kollam are committed to reach out to the masses and inform them on all relevant global issues.

The Kerala Kaumudi and the Malayala Manorama are two of the more popular newspapers of Kollam. Both the newspapers command phenomenal readership. The Kerala Kaumudi is being published from 1911 onwards. It is the third most widely circulated Malayalam newspaper. The Kerala Kaumudi was founded by C.V. Kunhuraman and K. Sukumaran B.A. The widespread popularity of the daily has resulted in its publication from international cities like New York, London and Singapore. Kerala Kaumudi also possesses an on-line presence.

Another pioneering newspaper with a readership of over 15 million people worldwide is the Malayala Manorama. The newspaper enjoys the status of being the largest circulating Indian vernacular daily. Malayala Manorama published its first print edition in the late 19th century. Malayala Manorama largely owes its popularity to its efficiency in attractively dramatizing the sensational breaking news.

The Quilon Radio Service is a broadcast media that plays a significant role in updating the people of Kollam on current affairs. Apart from the Quilon Radio Service, the All India Radio and World Space operate in Kollam, and entertain as well as inform the residents of the city in Kerala. Doordarshan is the government owned and operated television channel that is widely followed by the residents of Kollam, providing both news and entertainment. Private television companies like Sun TV, Manorama News or MM TV, along with Asianet vie for the viewers' undivided attention.

The brief list of the notable newspapers that have wide circulation in Kollam is provided below:
  • Malayala Manorama
  • Madhyamam
  • Deepika
  • Kerala Express
  • Deshabhimani
  • Kerala Kaumudi
  • Mathrubhumi
  • Mangalam Daily
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Last Updated on 9/15/2011