Kerala Kaumudi

Kerala Kaumudi is one of the most popular newspapers in Kollam and its surrounding area. Established in the year 1911 by C.V. Kunhuraman, the Kerala Kaumudi has Sukumaran B.A. as its founding editor. Kerala Kaumudi has gained popularity over the other newspapers in the city chiefly for the sensational news that it produces.

Kerala Kaumudi, also published in many overseas countries, has an on line edition as well. The newspaper covers all kinds of news with great adeptness, with the front page publishing all the latest happenings of the day. Sports, business, entertainment and world news are presented to the readers through this newspaper. Kerala Kaumudi newspaper holds strong views about the country and it does not flinch from giving news that is 100% true.

The Kerala Kaumudi has been able to influence people and form a popular opinion about various issues of national and international importance. It faces stiff competition with other newspapers of Kerala, namely, the Malayalam Manorama, Mangalam Daily, Deepika, Deshabhimani, Mathrubhumi and Kerala Express. The Kerala Kaumudi newspaper has been able to reach great heights in the world of news due to its popularity in the state and its authenticity of news.

Last Updated on 9/15/2011