Medicus Ayurvedic Center

Kovalam beach is a paradisaical holiday destination for tourists and city slickers, desirous to escape the claustrophobic confines of chaotic city life. The beach resort thereby abounds in hotels and ayurvedic health care centers that evince the state of the art Kovalam Health facilities. Amongst the several top end ayurvedic treatment establishments, the Medicus Ayurvedic Center holds a special place.

Located on the Nellikannu beach, one of the smaller beaches of Kovalam, Ayurbay Medicus is a premier ayurvedic beach resort. Set in a salubrious setting, the resort provides remedial treatment for a variety of ailments and diseases and also tries to rejuvenate the entire being of their clients and uplift their spirits. Stress and weight management, obesity control, Panchakarma and detoxification are some of the specialization areas of the ayurvedic center.

Medicus Ayurvedic Center is an exclusive ayurvedic health resort belonging to the celebrated hotel chain of. The level of expertise and quality treatment at the center is credited to the medical luminaries and specialists in the ancient science of ayurveda, Dr. K.R. Chandra Babu and his spouse, Dr. Mrs.Lalithambika Babu.

Kerala - 695521 India
District: Thiruvananthapuram

Last Updated on 9/15/2011